Medical Privacy? Nope.

Dear Phreesia, Image

I was very excited to get to use your product today when I was at my orthopedic surgeon’s office.  I has spotted these tablets lined up on the back shelf a couple of months ago and asked the receptionist some questions about it.  I was told it was a new paper-less medical record check-in system. Finally, today, I had the opportunity to use one.

I have to say, the Tonka yellow color and chubby Little Tykes case were both very appealing.  The touch screen (with stylus or with finger) was easy to use.  It reduced my check-in time to a mere couple of minutes as I quickly navigated through the screens. As a matter of fact it was all good…….Until………..

Now, I had been warned by the receptionist that there would be advertising at the very end of the sign-in process.  She told me just to ignore it and click exit when I was done….So, I wasn’t totally surprised.

But……. I was shocked to see medically specific advertising.  It wasn’t just an open-market ad for Pepcid or Lunesta….It was advertising specific to my medical history.  And not my orthopedic history, but my mental health history.  That’s right, my ad was for an antidepressant, Abilify.  That means that this handy Tonka Tyke gadget somehow skimmed through my medical file and noted that I was on antidepressants.  Wow!I consider this a serious invasion of my privacy.  I mean….very serious.

If the waiting room had been crowded, that glowing Abilify screen could have been seen by people to the left or right of me.  Or…depending on where I sat, potentially someone behind me could see it.  I guess Phreesia, that HIPAA doesn’t matter if you can turn a buck.

I toted my Tonka Tyke tablet to the receptionist, with the Abilify ad blazing and asked her if there was a way to opt out of the advertisements.  The answer, “No, because we rent them.”  Hubba wa?  So, the doctor’s office pays to use these toys and then Phreesia, you get more money from advertising?

I am going to have to think long and hard before I use another one of your devices.  Shame on you for exploiting my medical records and medical conditions for your profit.  And shame on you for putting my medical privacy at risk.

Sincerely, An idignant and disgruntled consumer

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