A Mandala a Day While the Art Therapist’s Away and Feeling Numb

A Mandala A Day

The Art Therapist gave me a homework assignment for the time that he is away on vacation.  Each morning, first thing, I am supposed to draw a mandala as a grounding exercise.  Yesterday, I prepped up paper for the project.


And this morning, after the dogs and I came downstairs, I colored in my first mandala.


Feeling Numb

I don’t know how I am feeling today…I just feel numb.  I still have that feeling from yesterday of wanting to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over my head.  (And despite my best efforts yesterday, I did cave to that desire and dozed for about an hour and a half.)  Today at least, I have no choice but to stay awake and be functional as I forgot to take the day off and have to go work.  I just wish I could shake this numb/zombie/detached feeling.

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