Mandala Day 10, Off the Hook? and An Inspiring Discovery

Mandala Day 10

blue mandalaThe Art Therapist returns from vacation for this week and I see him first thing tomorrow morning.  I have dutifully done my mandala homework….I wonder if he will want me to keep it up…or if I want to keep it up?  I have mostly enjoyed the daily mandalas and am starting to feel more like I am getting into a groove with it.  I was thinking I could get a little sketch book and do a mandala on each page each day? (These mandalas are not very large, maybe 5″)  I also think it might be fun to do a big one…like 12″ and spend several days working on it.

The irony is that a while back, the Art Therapist had said something about drawing mandalas and I brushed it off as I have a mandala coloring book that I find tedious.  But for some reason, when I am creating my own mandala, it feels more fun.  I get more out of my own work than coloring someone else’s.

Off The Hook?

So, we never made it to the open studio yesterday.  It wasn’t me and my anxiety that stalled our trip, so I consider the fact that I was ready and willing to go as an anxiety triumph.  And I won’t lie….I was very relieved that we didn’t go, even if I was prepared to do it.  The open studio continues today too…so dh is pondering if he wants to go today….If he does want to go, I am still ready!

Yesterday turned into one of those days where we just got going getting chores done around the house and couldn’t stop.  I wanted to mow the front yard and dh did a bunch of yard tidying (there were lots of branches in the yard) as I started out back mowing and then made my way out front.  Then I tackled a bunch of laundry, we did dishes, and all that kind of stuff that piles up over the week.  All in all, I felt pretty satisfied with what we accomplished.

An Inspiring Discovery

This morning, we took the dogs on a different walk.  We headed toward the mountain.

0712150544aOn the way back, we cut through the garden of the elementary school and I discovered their amazing rock garden.  It is about 10′ across and full of word rocks…..ready for poetry, contemplation and inspiration.


I can totally see myself going there and having some quiet introspection.  Honestly, I am very excited about this find!  It really, really appeals to me and I think I will have to visit it soon!


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