Keeping Busy and Still With the Dreams

I don’t think I am going to “announce” the daily mandalas anymore.  I will tag them, so I know they are here, but I think at this point, it is just a given that a mandala will appear at the start of my blog. 🙂
P1070792Keeping Busy

So, the best way to keep myself from perseverating yesterday was to keep myself busy. Monday night, I started working on a sketch book for my mandalas and so yesterday, I kept working on it until it was done.  I had heavy cardboard for the covers which I covered with paper and then painted and embelished and then cut a bazillion sheets of paper to match the size of the covers (I do have a paper cutter, so it wasn’t too long a task, just tedious.)

The end result is this….And I don’t know how your monitor picks up the color, but on mine it is more blue rather than the purple that it is in real life.




And yes, after I cut out the bazillion pieces of paper, I then traced a bazillion circles so each page has a mandala ready to fill in.

Still With the Dreams

I am still having anxiety dreams every night…I haven’t been writing them down here as they are not so vivid as to have good recall of them, I just have bits and pieces…enough to know that they are unpleasant dreams and about being in danger, usually some sort of sexual danger.  At least last night, I slept well enough to feel somewhat refreshed this morning…even with the anxiety dreams.

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