Thoughts On Hope


Thoughts On Hope

On Monday, I asked the Art Therapist if he thought I would actually get better.  To which he answered with a very assured, “Yes.”  I ask him this question from time to time as I mostly don’t believe it and it is reassuring to hear that someone does.  I think last time we talked about it was last week…the topic came up in a more round-about way and I said that I knew that there was not really any hope and that I wasn’t going to get better.  The AT pointed out that I keep coming back, I think trying to suggest that perhaps I do have hope.  And he is right (that I keep coming back).  Ultimately, the consequences of me not going back and not trying are pretty dire…I don’t want to be like this for the rest of my life and it certainly would make it hard to feel like life was worth living.

Truthfully though…Working with the Art Therapist has given me the first glimmers of hope that I have had in a very long time.  Though the work is hard…and at times just plain excruciating and unbearable, I feel like maybe I am moving in the right direction.  There are so many reasons that I could get stalled on the path, my anxiety, my hopelessness, my inability to tolerate feeling….But the AT seems to be able to keep the path open in front of me open.  I don’t know…therapy feels different this time, like maybe I can actually do it.

Of course, my point of view varies widely depending on my mood.  Get me on a more depressed kind of day, and I will be convinced that there is absolutely no hope and that I am just wasting everyone’s time and spinning my wheels with my efforts, resulting in total frustration and pointlessness.  I suppose the opposite is true, if you got me on a really good day (not that I have those anymore) I might say that there is lots of hope and be optimistic about it.

I don’t know…I don’t like to trust hope.  Hope often lets me down and just reaffirms what I already know, that I am worthless, broken and un-savable.  It is hard to be trust hope when she is such a back-stabbing mistress.  And I am so used to being let down…It just seems easier to not hope.

I guess, given my feelings about hope, that it is remarkable that I am starting to feel any stirrings of hope with the Art Therapist.  Maybe, rather than fight it, I will just sort of leave it alone and see what happens.

1 thought on “Thoughts On Hope

  1. HOPE is the foundation in which our recovery is built. We have to be willing to first look at HOPE before we start walking the journey of recovery. We need to define HOPE for ourselves. We need to know what HOPE means for us. To put an analogy here. HOPE is like our own mandala of sorts. It is as unique as the person creating it. I would caution you in taking on someone else’s mandala as your own. Spend time on your HOPE like you do your mandalas. Create your HOPE with many fine details. Provide yourself with a very detailed picture of your HOPE. HOPE is not a current state of being. HOPE is a state of evolving. To becoming. My HOPE has changed the further I walk along my recovery. My HOPE from a distance looks like purpose, meaning, value to suffering. The closer I come to my HOPE the more details I find and discover. Just a few thoughts for you to consider. I hope that it gives you a different perspective from someone that has also been at a place that was trying to answer “Do I have hope?”

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