Pocket Peace, Art Therapy and Being Social


Pocket Peace

Art therapy and work today.

I have been diligently toting my Pocket Peace around with me all weekend. That doesn’t say too much, as I haven’t really gone anywhere particularly interesting….But whenever I left the house I took it.  The rest of the time, it has been on the dining room table with my phone…Right where I know where it is and see it when I walk by.  It has gotten a little bit dog-eared and fuzzy.  (No really….I had it in my sweatshirt pocket yesterday morning and it was really humid, so the watercolor paint got a little sticky and some sweatshirt fuzz stuck to it.)  Not sure what the Art Therapist’s actual plan was regarding the Pocket Peace…come to think, I am not sure he had a plan…


I will say, when he had me make it and told me to keep it with me, it felt dangerously close to being an affirmation assignment.  I am so glad he didn’t go there! I loathe affirmations.  Affirmations serve to remind me about all the things I hate about myself.  I already have a pretty good handle on the list, so why would I want to regularly remind myself?  Oh…right….affirmations are supposed to help you overcome all that. But nope, not for me.  My self-contempt overrides any of the “positive” that is supposed to be overcome by affirmations.

Art Therapy

I am a little bit anxious about Art Therapy this morning.  I am worried about if my Primary Physician called the Art Therapist and if so, what she said.  I don’t think he would have actually talked much with her, because I am pretty sure I didn’t sign a form saying he could (Not because I don’t want him to…Just because it hadn’t been necessary.)  And guess what? I see my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on Thursday, so I get to have the same anxiety and worry for the same reason all over again!

Being Social

Yesterday, I got together with the Social Strawberries co-worker again.  It was supposed to be to pick blueberries…but the weather didn’t cooperate.  Instead, we and her kidlet went to the playground and then had lunch at my house and watched her kidlet work on some puzzles and do some drawing.

Then I had a spontaneous visit from another friend later in the afternoon.

I don’t quite know what is going on lately, but I have had more social interactions in the past month than I had probably in the whole of the last year.  And it is a smidge confusing to me, as a couple of the folks are co-workers (The Social Strawberries Gal and the Maternity Leave Mom) and it is like they are being friends.  But then, maybe the Maternity Leave Mom is just lonely and I am around to do stuff with because I am not really working.  Social Strawberries is a bit more confusing…Is it a budding friendship? And if so, why would she like me? Ack! It almost makes me feel things to try to puzzle it out.  Best to leave it alone!


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