I had another glass-shard dream last night.  This makes three since starting Art Therapy six months ago…I think that officially makes it a theme.  I have had lots of  “danger” dreams in the past couple of months too.  In those dreams, usually I and/or people I am with are being chased by bad guys and in danger.  While somewhat disconcerting….they are tolerable dreams (not like actual panic inducing night-terror dreams I used to have).

These glass shard dreams are different. Last night’s dream setting took place in the house where I grew up.  I was visiting a woman who lived there with two young children, a baby and a preschooler.  I was sitting on the floor in the dining room (I assume to play with the baby) and I accidentally kicked a glass urn that was on a cast iron floor register.  The urn rocked back and forth and the glass cracked right down the middle of the urn. (Today’s mandala picture.) I felt bad for cracking the urn but the woman picked it up and told me it was okay and not to worry about it and then I guess she put it back on the floor.

While on the floor, the glass kept cracking….And as it zig-zagged around the urn, shards of glass kept flying off of it.  I was in a panic that the glass would get on the floor and hurt the baby, so I grabbed pieces of newspaper and was trying to lay them over the urn to keep the glass from flying up.  As I kept layering newspaper on the urn, the glass kept coming and it was landing and embedding itself in my hair and scalp.  My scalp hurt so much!!! (I swear, I could even feel it hurting when I woke up!).  This newspaper layering/glass flying/scalp impalement went on for a while until the urn was just pieces on the floor.

Then I was trying to pull the glass shards out of my scalp…but they were cutting my fingers and there was lots of blood and between the pain of cutting my fingers and slipperiness of the blood, I was only able to get out a few big pieces of glass, but was left with hundreds of smaller shards.  Dh (who magically appeared in my dream) was trying to help me get the glass out, but couldn’t get it either. And my scalp was just on fire with pain.

Then dh and I were in a strange city and he was trying to get me to an emergency room so they could get the glass out of my scalp….It took us two days to find the hospital (and I was in excruciating pain all that time) and then we kept reading the signs in the hospital to find the ER, only we couldn’t.  We eventually got on some sort of roller-coaster elevator that took us whizzing through all these rooms in the hospital and as we went around, we figured out that there was actually no ER in the hospital.

Eventually, the elevator dumped us outside the hospital in front of a sandwich shop. The shop was closed, but next door was an accountants office.  Dh went over to ask about finding an ER.  Before he went in to the office, dh (dream magic style) suddenly had a button in his hand which had the outline of a bust of a man on it.  He then looked at a bulletin board sign next to him (you know, the kind where people post flyers for concerts and lost dogs) and saw a stone relief of the same bust. The relief was about 5″x7″ so dh picked it up and was comparing the button and relief clearly trying to puzzle them out.  Then he was holding them up and saying something to me…he had flipped them over and both had a relief on an elephant on the back side, which was meaningful.  It was something about a secret society and the accountant.

Anyway, so now knowing about the secret society, dh asked the accountant about finding an emergency room. Turns out, that if you were in the “know” about the secret society you could get emergency services at the hospital, all you had to do was ask for the “house doctor” to see you.

So, we went back to the hospital and asked for the house doctor and were told he would be out to see us asap.  We sat on those industrial kind of waiting-room couches and waited. And waited. And waited.  We kept watching doctors come and go thinking for sure the next doctor would be the house doctor coming to see us…And all this time, I was in miserable pain with glass shards pierced into my scalp…..

Well…the dream ended before the doctor ever came.  I got no relief from the glass pain.

The Art Therapist loves to talk about dreams, so I will be curious to see what he thinks about this dream and the whole impaled-by-glass-shards theme.

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