Ten Happy Things


Ten Happy Things

I am not going to talk today about how depressed and miserable I feel or any of the stuff that I usually talk about.  Today, I am going to tell you ten things that make me happy.  Yup…It’s reverse psychology today…How about I give it a whirl?

Ten Things That Make Heidi Happy:

  1. Eggs: My hens started laying eggs this week…I have brown eggs and the loveliest little green/blue eggs.  I am so glad to have our own fresh eggs again…And I love my chickens.  So far we’ve only been getting two eggs a day, but I check for more eggs about 37 times a day…just in case.  😉
  2. My dogs: The big one is oafish and Eeyore-ish and he is my special boy.  His coat is sleek and soft, like satin ribbon…And so glossy!  The little dog is a ham and naughty and silly and full of love and life.  She tosses toys around the living room like an Olympic discus thrower.  Her fur is lush and soft and rabbit-y…So sensuous!
  3. Cold fall/Spring days when the air is crisp on my cheeks and I can see my breath. It makes me feel alive!
  4. I love messy art projects. Glue, glitter, glops of paint, clay….the more the better!  I am not afraid to get dirty and sticky and stained…as a matter of fact, I revel in it!
  5. Blueberries, especially freshly-picked-by-me berries.
  6. I love dandelions!  They are yellow…Which, thanks to Art Therapy, I have learned is my “happy” color and dandelions mean that spring has arrived.  I never dig them out of the yard or try to kill them…They are one of the happiest plants I know.  Plus…when they are done blossoming, it’s fun to blow the seeds into the wind and watch them swirl away.
  7. I truly love learning.  I love having my brain challenged and I love figuring things out.  It could be a big learning task, like learning a completely new handcraft, or something more minor like identifying a plant I keep seeing in the woods or reading about the gene expression that causes blue/green chicken eggs.  😉
  8. I love apple picking. Please see the above references to crisp air and picking my own fruit.  Plus…there is nothing better than the taste and crunch of a fresh fall apple.
  9. I love to grow things. I keep many houseplants and I love African Violets. I also love starting seeds and planting a small garden each spring.  Seeds and plants are hopeful to me…They truly feed my spirit.
  10. I love nature. That’s a big one…so it is almost cheating because it probably counts for a few dozen things that make me happy.  I love being outside and seeing plants and trees and red efts and bees and flowers and rocks and deer and songbirds and nests and streams and cottontails and….Well, I could go on forever….Mushrooms and hail and snowflakes and wing prints in the snow and snow rollers and ferns and……You probably get the idea!

I wish I could bottle up the happy feeling I get from all these things and save it for the “rainy” days when I forget how to be happy.  But maybe, if I keep this list, I can look at it and think to myself, “Yup…I remember that feeling when I scoop up a red eft and talk to it and move it off of the road to a safe patch of grass.” And maybe I can hang onto that good feeling for just a little while.


2 thoughts on “Ten Happy Things

  1. you said “save it for the “rainy” days”. if i were to do that list, and i just might really soon, rainy days would be on that list. Not days i don’t feel happy, but days when there is rain. i would have liked to add a rainy day photo here, but I don’t know how. I will put them in a blog on my site

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