Three Dreams


Three Dreams

I had three very vivid dreams last night…though they may actually have been all part of one dream…You know how dreams are, sort of jumping around and sometimes very disconnected.  I know that the dream with the Art Therapist occurred during the dream about the dollhouse….The berry dream, maybe came after? here’s my recall of my dreams. I am going to start with the dream about the AT.

I dreamed that I was a little girl and the AT was himself, like he is now.  I think I was wearing a bathing suit with a dress over it and the AT was dressed in maybe athletic clothes…It was s little confusing, I think he started off in work clothes, but then switched to casual athletic-y kind of clothes.  Anyway, we were outside and I wanted to show him a trail or a vista or something and we had to do a lot of climbing to get there. The hills we were climbing were super steep and overgrown with plush moss with grass spikes shooting out from it.  Under the moss, the ground was really wet, like squishy wet and if you looked down at it, you could see standing water under the moss.  The AT was having an easy time climbing the hill, his legs were longer and he seemed more stable as he climbed.  I was having a really hard time climbing the hill and had to grab clumps of grass to pull myself up, so I was using all four limbs to climb.  Except…that the moss was sliding out from under my feet and the grass clumps were pulling out in my hands, so for the amount of effort I was putting in, I was not making much progress and at some points was actually sliding backwards.  However, I kept on going because I really wanted the Art Therapist to see our goal.

At some point, the trail was flatter, and the AT was on the trail and I was beside the trail going along a water ditch.  I was slowed down because I was trying to negotiate the ditch by straddling it or going on the narrow band of grass beside it…But then things evened out and it was less wet and more flat and grassy.

The Art Therapist asked me if I wanted a “___”  (I cannot remember the word, it didn’t make sense in terms of the item he offered me, but he used it a few times to describe it.) He had these clear plastic packets that were hand warmers.  He said his hands were cold and so he got out two and handed me one.  You had to squeeze it to make it work and as I squeezed it, I could see little white balls of what looked like styrofoam in the packet. Suddenly, there was a “pop” sound as I burst the internal capsule that caused the chemical reaction.  The pop really startled me.

Eventually, we were hill climbing again, and the hill was almost hands-and-knees steep (though the AT was able to pretty much stride up the hill).  I was again slipping and sliding grabbing grass clumps to get up the hill, but we finally reached the top.  And the hill’s apex was very sudden and severe as the ground just dropped away from the other side. And we stood there and looked….And the dream stopped, so I didn’t get to see what was on the other side of the hill.

The main dream was pretty complicated…I was standing in front of a building that was like a set for a play, in that the building had a false front and there wasn’t really anything behind it.  It was kind of a old west-style style building with a porch and there were items on the porch, like a screen door, maybe a chair…things that would be used for other acts in the play.

Then I was kidnapped and taken to live in the building.  I looked like an adult but I had toys and felt like a child.  I was trapped in the upstairs of the building.  I was wearing (I think) all red.  I had been upstairs in the building for quite a while and then the kidnapper brought me a dollhouse.  The doll house was the same as the building.  The back opened in two parts that swung away from the building.  The dollhouse was empty and there was no furniture or dolls to go with it, so it was sort of useless.

Then the kidnapper brought a three other people who were all wearing the same color bright blue clothing.  One of these people was someone I know from work.  They were all eager to break out of the upstairs, but I was really afraid and didn’t want to do anything that would raise the ire of the kidnapper.  Eventually, two other people joined us, one who was in bright yellow and I am not sure about the other.  The two new people decided to go out on the rickety deck and climb down the ladder to escape. I was afraid we were going to get in trouble and so were some of the people in blue  One of blue people dropped a watermelon on the escapers as they climbed down the ladder, thus knocking them off of the ladder.  I was really upset that the fall had hurt them badly, but they popped right up and ran of to a bunch of trees…where the kidnapper was.  And he rewarded them for escaping because it turns out it had all been some sort of game.  I was really confused about how scared I had felt….but that it was actually a game. It felt unfair and I was frustrated.

I was sure I was still in trouble, but decided to explore the house.  I climbed down the stairs to near the front door, but I could hear the kidnapper and other two people on the porch and see their shadows through the windows, so I darted into the next room which was dark, but I could see another player for the game in bed, wearing a yellow leopard print outfit.  I left and kept opening other doors, basement, kitchen…Then I could hear the kidnapper coming and hid in a bedroom on the unmade bed.  The bed felt really big and the covers were enormous and bunched around and sort of swallowed me. (Kind of like I was really small) The kidnapper came into the room, and I wanted to have sex with him.  I  figured that if I had sex with him, maybe I wouldn’t be in so much trouble.  So, he climbed into bed with me and we had sex (in some sort of improbable position that I don’t think would work in real life) and I really, really enjoyed it.  I was super aroused by it and nearly had an orgasm.  And the almost-orgasm is what woke me up. (And when I woke up from the dream, I was still really aroused..but also a little bit queasy.)

The last dream was about dh and me at my maternal grandmother’s house in her yard.  We were cleaning up a tree that dh had cut down. I was coming along with loppers and trimming the smaller branches and dh was fiddling with the top of the tree.  Then dh noticed some really ripe and huge blackberries and started eating them.  I got kind of mad, and said he should leave them for my grandmother, but dh said she likely wasn’t going to be able to come out to the yard and even if she did there were lots of berry bushes.  So, he kept eating them and I was annoyed.  The berries were super ripe and blue/black and shiny…perfectly ripe, and soo big!  Then I remembered (in my dream) that my grandmother had had a mulberry bush in her yard (Which is true)  and that the berries were really mulberries, just that my mind had mixed it up.  And then I was looking around the yard and realized that my grandmother’s yard was a happy place when I was kid (Which is also true) and I felt kind of warm happiness/contentment.

I haven’t thought about my maternal grandmother in a long time…she died over 30 years ago, when I was 12.  I am not sure why her yard popped up in my dream.

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