Self-Care and Dreams



Yesterday wasn’t quite as relaxing as I hoped….I was irritable and it is hard to relax when you are irritable!  That said, dh and I went out for breakfast and shared raspberry oatmeal pancakes with lemon curd sauce (Yum!) while we chatted about this and that.  It was a nice treat as we don’t do a good job of having non-tasky couple time.  Then we went browsing for a car. (Which does count as self-care…A huge stressor in my life is that we only have one car.) Then we went to the grocery store and bought lots of healthy food and food for the menu plan the nutritionist created for me.  So…everything we did counted as taking care of myself, but I was crabby and tired.  Once we got home and unloaded groceries and had lunch, I went upstairs to just relax and chill with the kittens, but I fell asleep pretty much instantly and slept for an hour and a half.  And it wasn’t depression sleep…It was just plain I’ve-been-running-myself-ragged sleep.  Although honestly, I still felt irritable when I woke up. Oh well.

Today I have my yoga, which I am looking very forward to.  The last time I went was the beginning of the month and then she went away again.  The on-and-off schedule has been working okay, but I am starting to really like the yoga (and how I feel after) so I am hoping maybe now that summer is ending that we can have a more regular schedule.

Other than yoga, I plan on sticking around the house and really focusing on the self-care.  I still have that magazine to look through and that art project to finish. Probably no nap today since I slept in by 3 hours this morning. (I think the sleep disruption I’ve been experiencing since the kidnapper/sex dream finally caught up with me and my body is trying to make up for it.)


Speaking of kidnapper dreams…I had another dream last night where I was kidnapped.  A quick summary:  I was with a friend and she was shopping for a small stove.  We went to a store and split up to look around.  I explained to a salesman what we were looking for and he told me that he had something in another part of the building and asked me to go with him.  We went through lots of weird parts of the building and ended up in a car.  Then he drove me to the next state and then to Scandinavia (not sure how we got there by car!). I was anxious to get back to my friend and feeling in danger so I kept trying to use my cell phone to call her, but my phone kept having issues…no battery, no service, the number wouldn’t dial right, etc.  Each time I tried to call her…I was not able to.  The salesman took me to some beautiful coastal place but the waves were menacing and the people there were dangerous.  I was trying to figure out how to get back to the store and my friend…I am not sure how the dream actually ended.  At least it wasn’t as disturbing as the kidnapper/sex dream, but I am left to wonder what the kidnapping theme is about.

Tomorrow, I have Art Therapy and as I’ve mentioned before, the Art Therapist loves dreams…I’ll have to ask him what kidnapping means.

Actually…come to think, I had another dream too…I was escaping from something and running down a road and I ran to a home with three dogs.  The dogs were kind of menacing and so I turned around and walked back along the edge of the road.  The dogs kept following me…but then they ended up being friendly and then were the three dogs and two tiny, tiny, young puppies.  I was taking them along with me and taking care of them…We were looking for a place to curl up and sleep for the night, I was looking for a thick grassy spot or a mossy spot or something that would be soft…but the landscape was mostly treed and sloped.  Eventually the road we were walking on met a busy interstate road and the land between ended suddenly in a point.  I knew I couldn’t keep the dogs there as the puppies would get hit by cars…but I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t get any resolution in that dream either.

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