Another Randomness Post


Another Randomness Post

I don’t actually know what to write about today.  So…this is another random kind of post.

I did not have Art Therapy yesterday because of the holiday.  I thought that would really disrupt me…But I kept thinking that yesterday was Sunday…So it is kind of like I didn’t miss the routine of my Monday because I had an extra Sunday.

For the most part, I had a good long weekend.  Some definite mood blips here and there…I get so touchy and irritable…And for no good reason.  And I can feel that I am irritable and it just simmers inside of me, but I can’t make it go away.  It is really frustrating to me.  I don’t ever remember being angry and irritable all the time like I am now….And I don’t like it!

I had yoga yesterday morning and even though I still feel a bit nervous and awkward during yoga, it does do an amazing job of balancing me…I feel so different after I do yoga.  But I do need to learn to still my mind more…and keep my breathing regular and all of those yoga things that involve centering your focus on yourself.  I am not used to that kind of focus on myself…gentle, concentrated in a positive way….trying to find my strength…It’s hard stuff and I feel miles and miles away from it. But I will keep chipping away at it…bit by bit.

Last Monday, I lost Pocket Peace.  I know I had her when I left the house to go to Art Therapy.  By lunchtime at work, she was gone.  I looked for her…The AT looked for her at his office….But neither of us found her.  And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to.  When I discovered her missing, I just knew in my heart that she was gone forever.  I am disappointed that I lost her, but mostly, I am sad about it because the AT cut out the piece of paper on which I painted/drew Pocket Peace.  It kind of gave me a connection to him outside of his office.  So, it was not only comforting from the meaning of the art I had put on it, but because it had a bit of the AT too.  I have a little piece of citrine that I had started carrying with Pocket Peace three or four weeks ago…It has the same meaning to me as PP (minus the AT part) so, I am not left without a pocket talisman.  But…I do miss Pocket Peace.

Let’s see…Other random things….

The leaves on the trees are losing their dense greenness and you can see the tint of the fall colors starting. I kind of dread the changing of the seasons.  Fall is fine…but it puts us one step closer to winter and last winter was really bad for me….It makes me dread this winter.

My summer flowers are also winding down…My beautiful black-eyed Susans are getting fewer and farther between.  I haven’t gotten my fall bulbs yet….Dh and I were just talking about that yesterday, we definitely need to run to Lowe’s…I need some flowers to cheer up the early spring!

The strawberries I planted for next summer are lush and growing like crazy.  This makes me very happy.  I don’t have a huge number of plants, but it is a start…And with all the runners they have sent out…I will have more than enough plants in the next year or so!


9 thoughts on “Another Randomness Post

  1. I’m sorry that pocket peace was lost 😦 perhaps you and the AT could make something similar so that you still have that connection with him? I’m super proud of you for doing yoga even though it still makes you a bit uncomfortable! Yoga makes you so vulnerable and I think it takes a lot of courage to do it.

    Try to be gentle with yourself when it comes to your irritability. You’re working through hard things and it’s probably bringing up a lot of emotions that you didn’t realize you had locked away.

    Hopefully the rest of your week goes by smoothly. It sounds like it’s off to a pretty good start. 🙂

  2. Oh, your blog makes me miss New England. I just was up there an vacation a couple of weeks ago and loved it. About 10 years ago, I was planning a trip up there, but then the plans fell through when someone else decided to cancel. I always felt bad that I couldn’t go that time, and in hindsight, maybe I should have just gone by myself then.
    On a different note, are you going to make a new PP? have you thought about stones or crystals?

    • I will make sure to post more pictures so you can get a slice of New England to enjoy!
      Not sure about making a new Pocket Peace…I actually did start a smaller different one, but it didn’t work (maybe a topic for a new post). As to stones and crystals…I have many, I go through phases with them….I got the citrine out, but haven’t sorted through the others yet. 🙂

      • I was and perhaps still am skeptical about the powers the stone supposedly posses, but I have a Lapis Lazula that my mom gave me around which I have made a necklace. Whenever I wear it, things seem to have a more favorable outcome for me. Maybe I post a picture of it one day.
        They say there is a special stone for each person, but I don’t know too much about it.
        Looking forward to seeing more of New England.

    • Thanks! And yup, I took it. Last week I was in the City picking up dh from his work up on the hill. The hill drops away to the lake and then you can see the mountains on the other side….It was amazing with the sun setting. 🙂

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