I feel grumpy today.  I am overtired.

I had another one of those episodes where I had kind of a flashback, but I am not sure if I was awake or dreaming when I had it.  I find that really disturbing…that I can’t parse out if I was awake or asleep, why can’t I determine my state of consciousness?

Okay…I am going to share some pictures I took yesterday morning after we had some rain in the night….those might cheer me up a bit.



5 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. love the use of the white in the mandala. and love the rain on the marigolds.
    I sometimes wonder what can be done so flashbacks don’t happen. In the meanwhile we (I) just have to live with them

    • I thought of you when I took the rain pictures! 🙂

      I think we are just stuck with the flashbacks…They aren’t as disruptive to me as they used to be…but they are no picnic.

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