Therapy & Work and Yoga and A Little Book


Therapy & Work.

Excited about therapy. (Yup…you heard that right!) I feel like I have turned a corner since Monday, so I am ready for the next step. Welll…it might have to be a baby step (there’s only so much I can handle!)….but I am ready!

Not excited about work.  Especially since a couple of patients I really liked died over the weekend.  Occupational hazard when you work in geriatrics….People die quite frequently.


Yoga was great yesterday.  She challenged my body in ways that I was sure I would not be able to do, but I did them!  Yay me!

I also took some time before we started with the yoga to touch base with the Yoga Instructor about the issues I have been working through (depression, anxiety, ptsd) and that I was hoping yoga would be another helpful modality for me. (I just want to point out that that was super brave of me.)  And she was, as always, kind and thoughtful in her response.

Hmmm…maybe this courage thing is starting to sink in!!  Or…as I said recently, I do hard things.  I just never realized that meant I am courageous!!!

A Little Book

I made a little book yesterday…Just something simple…but I have an idea in mind as to using it for/in Art Therapy.



5 thoughts on “Therapy & Work and Yoga and A Little Book

    • Thanks! They are really fun to work with. They do take a while to dry though…which is fine for smearing on purpose like the past two mandalas…but not so good when I smear them by accident! 😉

    • These are the pens I use: Fiskars Gel Pen 48 Piece Value Set and Sakura Jelly Roll Metalics both available from Amazon. I am very happy with both… I would recommend starting with the Fiskars set as it has a variety of types of gel pens (regular, glitter, ink swirl, metallic etc). It is a good way to try the different effects. And these pens would be awesome on black paper! I think I really need to get a black paper sketchbook to play around on!

  1. I love your book! I actually bought some Sakura pens today for my coloring book! Good to know they work well! I think it’s wonderful that you’re excited for therapy. It sounds like you’ve really been able to connect with the AT which is so wonderful. You’re making huge strides! xx

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