cosplay. [kos-pley] /ˈkɒsˌpleɪ/ the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction

Today, there is a comic book convention in South City.  Dh and I are going and I am very excited!  Dh is kind of a geek. 😉  But not the socially awkward kind of geek…just his interests are very geeky, Dungeons and Dragons and other table top role-playing games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superheros, X-Men, Arrow, The Flash, Anime, etc., etc. And ds is just as much of a geek because dh has been indoctrinating sharing his interests with ds from day one.  So…I live in a Y-chromosome-on-overdrive world pretty much 24/7.

I am not so much of a geek…. But I have been dragged into parts of the geekdom by default. Dungeons and Dragons? Boring beyond belief…totally not for me.  Superheros? Yeah…some are good, some are meh.  Star Trek, yes. Star Wars, meh.  Dr. Who…absolutely!  🙂

But today….today, my friends I am super excited to be going to the comic book convention.  It will be geek upon geek upon geek…dh will be with his people!!! And me? I am going to be taking in all of the cosplay.

Cosplay intrigues me….like seriously, I might need to make myself a costume so I can do cosplay too.  Cosplay is about being someone else for a day…a fantasy character in an elaborate costume.  And it doesn’t matter what you look like…you can be short, tall, fat, skinny….and you can dress as anything and it is okay! No one will judge a roly-poly Wonder Woman or a bony, spindly Thor when it is cosplay.   Because cosplay is also a body acceptance kind of thing…every body is okay in cosplay.  And…cosplay is safe. There are very strict roles which prohibit unwanted harassment.  The tagline for this convention is “Cosplay ≠ Consent”.

So, I can’t wait for the convention!  I want to see people being fun and free and not judged. And I want to scrutinize their costumes to see how they are made and to file away ideas in case I do want to do cosplay at next year’s convention.  I am not sure who I would dress as….I am a Hello Kitty fan (that inner-girly girl in me does rear her head sometimes!) and I love Miyazaki anime, so there are tons of characters to choose from there!

In honor of the comic con….I did something pretty out of character for me.  I hate drawing attention to myself…and I never want to stand out in a crowd….But I have always wanted to dye my hair purple.  Last night, I got dh to dye the ends of my hair purple…and I am pretty much giddy about it!  It is understated from the front, but snazzy and eye catching from the back.  And really, I only ever wear my hair in a ponytail and now I have a beautiful sassy purple ponytail!  I am really happy with it! (And I think dh did a fantastic job for never having dyed hair before!)


I’m taking the camera to the convention…so…maybe I’ll have some cool pics of some cosplay to show you tomorrow!!

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