The Comic Con


The Comic Con

The most fascinating thing about the comic con?  I had no anxiety the whole time we were there. Not one iota.  I actually puzzled over this on and off as dh and I negotiated through the throngs of people (and there were many!) and even when I bumped into someone I went to high school with….who I literally had not seen since graduation.  (Something that would ordinarily have been stressful.)  Now, what was it about the convention and the hundreds of people there that was not stressful?  I am going to add this to my mulling list!

I had a hard time getting good pictures of people’s costumes…but they were wonderful.  They ranged from very scantily clad (of all body types) to completely covered from head to toe with fur, chain mail or storm trooper armor.  And there were some adorable kidlets in costume too.  Even babies!  It was all fun!

Hey…and…I saw one of our state senators (who is a huge batman fan) at the convention too.

Dh and I went to an interesting presentation in the afternoon about Superhero Psychotherapy presented by Ryan Lane.  It was a quick overview…but fascinating as he uses superheroes as metaphors for the process of working through trauma and coming out better on the other side.  Most superheroes have a backstory that involves some sort of significant loss/damage/trauma and as they work through their grief/pain they self-actualize into heroes.  They become stronger because of their beginnings and the path they take to heal.  I have to say, it was a very different kind of presentation than what I would have expected at a comic con…but it was really fascinating.

I can’t wait to go to the convention next year!  Only next year, we will go on Sunday, .because Sunday is the day they have the cosplay contest.  I bet folks really go all out with their costumes for the contest.  🙂

3 thoughts on “The Comic Con

  1. I know a lot of people here who would be superrrrrr jealous that you went to comic con!

    I read this article a couple of weeks ago on superhero psychotherapy… Apparently it’s a practicing form of ACT therapy which is something that G has been trying to integrate into our relationship. It’s very interesting and if I can find the article I’ll post the link here (though I’m sure you probably know more than what’s in the article since you actually heard a real person speak about it). 🙂

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