Feel Good Moments


Feel Good Moments

I seem to be in an okay mood (so far) today.  Yesterday was a lovely day…busy in the morning running errands with dh in order to get ready for his trip to Seattle this week…then an afternoon of friend time with Social Strawberries and her daughter Pixie.

Yesterday started off cold…and much to my dismay, there was snow on the mountain.  Yup….snow.  Yikes!  It won’t be too long before it creeps down the mountain and settles here….but hopefully, that won’t be for a few weeks yet!

The outing yesterday afternoon was lovely.  The sun came out, it was cool, but not so much in the sun…the air was clear and perfect.  Perfect for a nice picture of the Snowy Hinterlands from across the valley.


See, the trees in this picture are just turning color? But where I am…back in the Snowy Hinterlands, we are at peak foliage.  The hills are just glowing here.  It’s beautiful!

My visit with SS yesterday was the first time I have not felt awkward around her…I think I am settling into this friendship.  I like her…she and I think the same way about lots of things, but we are also very different.  It seems like a nice balance.

And she has that fiery Pixie girl!  Pixie is full of energy and questions and life.  She is very self-assured and quite the sassy little thing. (Good sassy…not bad sassy!)  She ran the show on our outing.  Which was fine…after all, she is three! Nothing like the ferocity of a bright 3 year old to keep you on your toes!


It was a good afternoon!

And since I am sharing “feel good” pictures…..Part of my errands with dh was a trip to the pet store to get some supplies.  I found some adorable little jack-o-lantern dog toys and thought I knew two dogs who would really like them.  And I was right!  The toys are a big hit!!



And yes…the dogs are in pajama…It’s a greyhound thing. 😉

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Moments

  1. Omgggggg! So much wonderful in one post!!

    First:your dogs are beautifullllll! And they look mighty cozy! (Spoiled rotten 😛 )

    That view is incredible. I can’t believe that’s the view you get to see every day!! I am super jealous…AND SNOW. OMG, I’d die. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SNOW… Perhaps more than I love the Christmas season, which is a tough competition!

    Leave up to a threenager to show you how it’s done! My god daughter is three and she’s filled to the brim with sass, but she lifts my spirits a lot. It’s wonderful to watch someone that’s so sure of themselves…someone that just…is. They’re kind of in their own little world and we’re just visiting! It’s an adventure every time.

    I’m really glad that you had a good day. You needed it after all of the struggling you’ve been fighting through lately!!


  2. Threenager! I love it!! It totally fits. And I think your description of your god dtr is exactly how I feel/what I like about kidlets…They are so free and confident…It’s amazing!

    Yeah…the dogs might be just a wee bit spoiled! I am kind of madly in love with both of them. ❤

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