Evidently, There’s Still Hope


Evidently, There’s Still Hope

Yesterday was a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner day.  And I had a question for her…I asked her if at this point my depression is un-resolvable and am I looking at meds for symptom management as a long term thing.  I kind of figure that resolving my depression is pretty hopeless…I was diagnosed with this depression six and a half years ago…That is a long, long time…And though I have had some improvement, mostly what goes up comes crashing back down and I am still depressed.  Like, doesn’t there come a point where I should just throw in the towel and learn to live with it as best I can?

Evidently not.  My PNP said that she still looks at remission from depression as the goal.  I guess I was kind of surprised by that….must be she sees something I don’t…Or is hopeful in a way that I am not.  Hmmm…..gotta think more about this.

So…the book I mentioned yesterday….I took it to my PNP appointment because she had seen the book before.  I think it was probably 3ish years ago that I used the book and it was something that I shared with her regularly.  The book is a way of tracking what positive/self-care things I do for myself over the course of a week.  I set goals, have a to do list, and then record self-care in the four categories of Mind, Body, Spirit and Creativity.  I designed the page myself and it looks like this.


And here’s the one from last week…just to give you a sense of how I use it. (I redacted some info on it.)


Anyway, it seems to work and it is a handy record for showing to the Nutritionist or to my PNP.

10 thoughts on “Evidently, There’s Still Hope

  1. Wow that’s brilliant I live the lay out.i need to look I to look into something like this. There is always hope. Your sharing truly shows this 🙂

    • Yes…online. (See…then I don’t have to go into stores!) I actually had some Kohl’s Cash from a recent husband/son clothing shopping trip and so I ordered some yoga supplies from Kohl’s. I got a purple mat, purple strap, purple blocks…Wanna know my favorite color? 😉 Actually, I don’t have them yet, but they are supposed to come by the end of the week.

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