Still Mad, I Guess


Still Mad, I Guess

At the AT.  I thought I was over it…But, I just don’t feel like dealing with him today and I feel mad.  I don’t even want to go to Art Therapy today.  I was thinking yesterday that maybe I could take a break from therapy for a while…but that would just be because I don’t want to deal with him and avoiding therapy and not dealing with him will only make it worse…And just kind of pounds in the wedge.

So, I will drag my feet and whine in my head a bit and then I will go to Art Therapy.  And I will pretend I am not mad (I know…I know what I should do…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.) And then he will ask me to do some sort of art.  And I will get really anxious but do the art anyway.  And then the art will make me feel something and I will shut down emotionally so I don’t feel it and don’t cry….Yup…that’s kind of how it rolls.

I just hope I can dial down my anger so that I am not sharp and snarky..because that is how I feel this morning.

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