A Week of Totally Gluten Free And Dreams Again


A Week of Totally Gluten Free

So, I have been meticulous with my gluten elimination diet (I think I may have mentioned before that I can become really obsessive with food/healthy eating.)  Not one iota of gluten has entered my body in a week.  And…My stomach doesn’t hurt.  Like, I went from constant stomach pain/discomfort to NONE.  It’s a little bit weird!  I had just kind of integrated constant stomach pain as part of my person….but….No, I don’t have to settle for that!  Honestly, it is such a relief and a change that I pretty much just want to cry.  I had no idea that I could actually feel good.  Is this how other people feel all the time?  Huh….go figure!

The most challenging part has been that since I don’t eat meat and I now don’t eat gluten…My food world closed in significantly and I am feeling kind of limited and a little overwhelmed.  But that’s okay, I see the nutritionist later this week and she can help me figure that out.

Dreams Again

So…it looks like I am entering into another one of those bad dreams kind of phases. Last night, I had a dream about attending a wedding…A huge wedding, like hundreds of people. And we were given dresses to wear that were supplied by a costume company as the wedding was themed. My dress was gorgeous, simple but with elegant detailing, light purple, princess seamed bodice, the fabric had a delicious sheen to it….Lovely!  And I looked good in it too…but then in my dream, I didn’t have this body, I actually had a nice body with a waist and decent proportions. So, there was lots of guest entertainment in my dream, as we waited for the wedding to start, like games and maybe a movie. Then the dream switched, though still at the wedding and there was a man in a helicopter that was calling the police because someone was trying to hurt his dog.  (Don’t know why he was in a helicopter.) As he was flying there was a landing foot on his helicopter (not the usual bars you see, but a kind of like a presser foot on a sewing machine) that was loose and there was a threat that it was going to land on the wedding guests.  Of course the man didn’t know this…But instead, his helicopter clipped another helicopter and they crashed together and rained down all kinds of smoking, burning chunks of debris on all the wedding guests.  That’s when I woke up, as the debris was raining down, so I didn’t see all the carnage from the crash.

After the dream, I just snuggled under my covers and stayed awake for a looong time.  I didn’t dare go back to sleep.  I think I might have fallen back asleep…but I don’t remember dreaming anything else.

1 thought on “A Week of Totally Gluten Free And Dreams Again

  1. I’m really glad that your abdominal pain is gone, but sorry that it’s so overwhelming. I can’t even imagine being vegetarian and not eating gluten. It sounds like a lot of work 😦

    The nightmare sounds scary. I hope you get some peace from them soon. 😦


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