Lost Blog Post


I just spent an hour writing a really long blog about my hard day yesterday….And I went to edit the title and somehow deleted the whole blog…It is just gone…Not in my drafts, not as a work in progress…It is gone. And I don’t have it in me to re-write it right now…It was painful to write the first time…I am not keen on writing it again.  I can’t believe it is gone.

7 thoughts on “Lost Blog Post

      • it is frustrating. I have lost it before too. you did look under unpublished, right? (my sites tab, blog posts, unpublished or drafts or something like that)

    • Thanks for the advice..I tried all I knew how to do and then handed it over to dh who knows how to dig into the bowels of computers for data recovery….And the post is just gone. Gone like it never existed. No back-up, no saved draft no nothing, no trace it was ever on my computer. Oh well.

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