Monday, Monday

DSCN0889 Monday, Monday

Yesterday I started my morning with yoga, which was fantastic. I get sooo much out of yoga.  And the instructor talked to me a little bit as we started our session about the changing seasons and asked how I was doing with it.  And she talked a bit about how life kind of goes up and down and that it is all part of who we are and to embrace those parts…It was a very sincere discussion and I really appreciated it and it gave me some things to think about.  I really like my instructor and she has this knack of saying the things I need to hear at the time…It is a little bit unnerving, but is really helpful.

So. Today is another Art Therapy day. And I am again feeling ambivalent.  Or maybe more than ambivalent…I have thought of quitting Art Therapy several times in the past couple of weeks.  I think what I really need is to have therapy slow down and give me a chance to regroup and get my feet under me.

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean?  And you know when a big wave comes and hits you and knocks you off balance?  If you can get your footing back, you can stay standing and then you are ready for the next wave and the next.  But if the first wave knocks you off balance, and your feel get out from under you, then the next wave hits you as you are struggling to regain your balance and pushes you further down, and the next wave hits you and does the same.  You struggle and panic and then you get hit and slammed down by another wave.  That’s kind of how therapy feels right now…Like I just keep getting hammered and I am totally off balance and I am going to drown.  What I need is some slow and gentle waves to come so I can get a chance to get back on my feet and get my footing again.

We’ll see how that goes today.

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. I really think you should share that with the AT. Therapy is YOURS. You get to set the pace, you make the rules. If you need to slow down and let the waves just wash across your feet for a bit, then that’s what you should get. YOU are in control. Don’t forget that. 🙂 sending you much, much love! xxxxxxx

  2. I loved your description of that feeling in the ocean, very clear, and oh so true! Have you ever been thrown under by that wave, though, and found that when you allow yourself to sink a bit below the wave, there is a peace and gentle sway to the water. Instead of attacking, it is cradling, and you can reorient yourself and find a strong footing. Then you can rise above, ready to anticipate and change how you allow the next wave to affect you!

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