Weird, Weird Therapy and Let’s Add One More Player


Weird, Weird Therapy

Art Therapy was weird yesterday.  Plain and simple: Weird.

The AT always wants me to lead in therapy…And I hate doing it.  And I was having my therapy-ambivalence, so I took in a whole page list of questions that I have been wanting to ask him over the past few months.  And I gave him the list and I settled into drawing while he went through the list.

I guess it was my attempt at having a less intense day…But I am not sure it worked.  Weeelllll….I am pretty sure it didn’t work.  And the AT was just oozing weird energy and I have such a hard time deflecting that….In the end…it felt just as intense as any other session. But at least I tried to do something different to take care of myself.  I get credit for that, right?

And I really needed to tell him something about the weekend…but there didn’t seem to be a right time to talk to him about it…And thus I didn’t.  <sigh>

Let’s Not Add One More Player

So, today I have an appointment with my primary physician.  It is my first depression/psych check-up…whatever that means!  When we talked about it in the summer, it made sense since she wants to be more involved…ummm….maybe just more informed about my mental health care.  Now…it seems weird.  And I am a bit anxious as to if she is going to give me the dreaded PHQ-9 because I know I will score really, really badly on it.  Let’s see…I bet I can find one online and take it. Yup…yucky score.

You know…this has been a really bad month for me mood-wise.  I am soo over October!

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