More About My Physician and Friend Weekend

More About My Physician

The more I think about my Primary Physician, the more concerned I get. Not about what I said in the letter and how she will reply.  But the whole fact that she just doesn’t seem to get it.  Like, at this point, she has two pretty hefty strikes against her.  The first time, we were able to smooth it over…but then it doesn’t really count if she kind of goes back to the same kind of place.  I mean she’s a physician, sure mental illness might not be her specialty…But wouldn’t you think she’d have some sort of knowledge and then since she’s been practicing for many years, wouldn’t that knowledge then translate into some sort of understanding?  I don’t know…It’s kind of like she’s not the same person she was when I first started seeing her a few years ago.  Honestly, she doesn’t even look the same…she looks kind of haggard. Maybe she’s burning out?

So, what do I do? Two strikes…does that mean that after third strike I need to find a new physician?

Or…the other possibility is that it is me.  Have I changed in a way that has interrupted my relationship with my physician?  But…then I think about my last physical and how she wasn’t listening to me and was very rushed and kind of on her own agenda.  That’s not at all how I remember her being when I started with her.  As a matter of fact, that would not really work for me and I would have had issues with it immediately and maybe moved on to another doctor.

Well…I guess I will say she is on probation.  How/If she responds to my letter will be a good litmus test of our relationship.  So…I just have to wait and see.

Friend Weekend

My visit with SS and Pixie was nice.  Honestly, I was a bit nervous before I went…I didn’t know if SS would act differently to me after our IM conversation…But she seemed her regular self. (Well, except for the liberal application of pink face-paint thanks to Miss Pixie!)  Maybe I needn’t worry so much.

So, she planted the rhubarb, and we walked around her yard and chit-chatted a bit.  It was a nice visit.

My second friend visit was a bit more chaotic, a lot was going on at her house. But we got some visiting time in and did a lot of walking on the steep hills in her city taking her daughter trick-or-treating.


1 thought on “More About My Physician and Friend Weekend

  1. Yeah… Two strikes is a lot. I think that maybe you should think about how well she’s serving you based on her response to your letter. She truly owes you an apology. She has an ethical responsibility to her patients to not cause undue harm, which she did at your last Appt. she made hurtful, ignorant judgments about your commitment to healing. That was a bad judgement call.

    I’m glad that your visit with ss went well, but sorry to hear that the second was so chaotic. :/ hopefully you got to enjoy a couple pieces of candy at least?

    Sending you tons of hugs! xxxx

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