Yoga and Art Therapy



Have I ever mentioned I love yoga? Yeah…I know…like a bazillion times.  So, yesterday was a yoga day and as usual, it was amazing.  I can actually feel how I have gained strength since starting yoga in the spring.  It is pretty empowering.  Yoga empowers me! That’s pretty awesome.

As usual, the Yoga Instructor was also amazing.  Come to think….after saying on yesterday’s post that the AT and my PNP complement each other nicely, I’d say my YI fits right in too. She has that same accepting, non-judgmental, gentle manner.  I never feel awkward or ill at ease because of her.

After we finished our session, I was rolling up my mat and I decided to float a question by her.  I asked what she thought about psych meds.  She clarified if I meant for depression or otherwise, and I said for depression.  And we had a really nice conversation.  She spoke with great candor and I appreciated that.  It turns out that she has her own experiences with depression and she shared her thoughts about taking meds.  And you know what?  She made some really good points.  I have lots of thinking to do.  And perhaps a lot of re-framing of my attitude about my medication.

And if you wonder why I asked her about psych meds…It’s because I like her and I have grown to trust her and I think she has interesting insights.  Sometimes, it is nice to talk to someone who is not my doctor or PNP or the AT.  I already know what they think…Sometimes, I just want a fresh perspective.  And since my YI already knows about my depression, I didn’t have to explain all that to her

You know, I think one of the things that was helpful about the conversation was that my YI offered her inside perspective.  I never get to talk (IRL) to anyone else who is depressed.  I know everyone’s depression experience is very different.  But I think there is a commonality/connectedness that you don’t get talking with non-depressed people.

Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm….Lots and lots for my brain to think about!!  Let the mulling begin!

Art Therapy 

To “process the trauma” represented in the sketchbooks or not….What do I feel up to today?  I actually am in a fantastic place right now…I just feel good…I think the term my YI used yesterday was, “Shining brightly.”  So…does that mean I am in a good place to process trauma?  Or that I should leave it alone and enjoy the good mood?

10 thoughts on “Yoga and Art Therapy

  1. I’ll comment on the rest when I’m not nodding off, but I just wanted to say that I think you should enjoy the good mood. The AT will support that decision. When good days are scarce it’s important to embrace the ones that you have to remind yourself what you’re fighting for. Enjoy it!!! Many, many hugs! I hope this days is SOOOO WONDERFUL!

  2. my right time was when I had it with the past rearing its ugly head at any time, but esp during difficult times. I was just tired with it staying in my subconscious and coming to the surface at any given time, but esp. during hard times. For me the right time was when I was fed up with it and wanted it done with.

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