Big Dog Update and Me Feeling?


Big Dog Update

Yesterday turned into a Big Dog management day.  Meaning…I spent all morning and the early afternoon focused on him.  After dh and ds left for work/school, I took a minuted to check Big Dog’s wound…And discovered that his leg had been wrapped way too tight cutting off circulation to his paw and his paw had blown up hugely.  I immediately unwrapped his leg and then placed his paw up on a pillow so it was above his heart (he was laying down).  I then placed the pillow on my lap to get his paw up higher.  Eventually, the swelling became a bit more diffuse and softer and I massaged some of the fluid up into his leg.  After a few hours, it was still blown up and so I got him up and we wandered around in the yard for a while to help with circulation.  It actually took 7 hours for the paw to look pretty much normal again!  Luckily, basic edema management is part of what I do at work, so I had a good idea of what to do with the dog’s paw.

I don’t really fault the vet as I know that wrapping wounds can be tricky business, there is a fine line between good and snug (especially on an animal that needs snugness to keep the wrapping in place) and too tight.  Good thing for Big Dog that I was on top of it!  He seems fine today…Though I am sure he would be okay with me holding his paw in my lap and massaging it again today! 😉

Me Feeling?

So…I am glad that the dog has been a distraction because I just feel sort of hollow and empty.  Like, I am not feeling much of anything…except maybe exhaustion.

I have yoga today and while I am looking forward to it, I just feel kind of flat and not as excited about it as I usually am.  I know it’s not the yoga…It’s me…Just flat. I am hoping yoga will help center me (it pretty much always does) and maybe I can get back in touch with my feelings.  We shall see.

1 thought on “Big Dog Update and Me Feeling?

  1. Good thing you were there to catch that bandage being too tight! Poor thing! He just can’t win! But at least he’s getting lots of cuddle time with his mommy. 😉

    Did yoga help?

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