Unsatisfactory Response and The Husband Day


Unsatisfactory Response

I had pretty much given up on my physician responding to my letter…I figured it was a done deal.  But yesterday, I got an email from my doctor’s office through their online patient documentation/communication system.  It was actually a reply to my letter!  And…It was kind of disappointing.

Hi Heidi,
I read your letter and wanted to let you know that I am well aware of your efforts to manage your depression. I think that these are concerns that you are working on with your psychiatric and psychotherapeutic providers and that I have great respect for the hard work you are doing on your own and with them. Please let me know if there are symptoms or physical concerns for which I may be of help.
Best wishes, [your doctor]

Well…at least she responded?  But it is kind of….flat? Lackluster? Impersonal? Ignoring my concerns? I don’t know…I guess I just expected more from her….Maybe just something that showed she actually heard what I was saying.

And who the heck uses the term “psychotherapeutic”?

This does not change her probationary status.  I have another one of those psych check appointments in late January and believe me…That appointment may well determine the course of the rest of our relationship….Assuming I decide to keep the appointment.  At this point I may just say, “Screw it!” and leave her out of the psychotherapeutic loop.

And you know, I am aware that I am very particular and fussy and perhaps at times <ahem> unreasonable. But…I need to feel like I can trust my physician and I need to feel like she hears me and that she doesn’t just lump me into some category in which she thinks I should fit.  Cuz…I defy categorization and I need to be seen as the individual that I am!!!

The Husband Day

Other than that, yesterday was really nice.  Dh and I did all sorts of stuff that we had been wanting to do.  We went downtown…like actually downtown (the AT is half a block from downtown and I never walk around the corner to be downtown…too scary!).  We wandered through stores and looked all the shiny things.  We had breakfast at a nice little bistro which happens to have both gluten free and vegetarian menu options (Yay for me!)  We held hands, we talked, we laughed…It was really nice.  Dh and I have been pretty disconnected lately and it was just a treat to spend some couple time together.

4 thoughts on “Unsatisfactory Response and The Husband Day

  1. OMG! That a doc would take the time to write a personal note, one that sounded kind to me, blows me away. I think I might like her. I haven’t found one I would write my feelings out to, nor that cared to respond. But I think I may have found one that is OK. Yours sounds better than any I’ve yet found with the exception of one who moved away..

  2. I’m glad you had a great day with DH!

    Her letter did seem pretty lackluster…I wish that she was more supportive. I’m sorry. You deserve more than that, especially after her very inappropriate comments during your appointment. Hugs!

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