Pillbox Sunday


Pillbox Sunday

Every other Sunday, I fill my pillbox with my medications for the following two weeks. Technically, my pillbox is for twice daily meds, morning/evening, but I only take meds once a day, so I use it as weekly times two. But…I digress.  I used to loathe Pillbox Sunday because it just reminded me of my need to take meds to feel “normal” (not that they work that well).  And it reinforced my negative feelings about my depression and where my life is and all that stuff.

But I am working on reframing all that.  After my conversation with my Yoga Instructor about medication and hearing her healthy attitude about meds…I am really, really trying to change my attitude.  Meds aren’t a bad thing if you need them to feel okay and to function.  Ooooh….Reminds me of another Robot-Hugs comic! Coats aren’t a bad thing if it is cold outside, you would want one to protect yourself and to stay healthy and safe.  So…meds aren’t a bad thing if your brain chemistry is all wonky…you would want them to help correct the chemistry so that you can stay healthy and safe.  Anyway, that’s the reframe I am trying to integrate into my stubborn schema.  It is working…but I am not 100% there yet.

Also…do you know how hard it is to fill a pillbox correctly?!  And I teach people how to do it! You’d think I’d have a handle on it!  (Which is why I know folks are fibbing when they tell me they never make errors or never forget to take their meds.) Today, I forgot two meds in the pillbox and then after I corrected that, I realized that I had forgotten to put in two of a certain pill in…So, I corrected that too.


This is actually a picture before the corrections, so each box is shy three pills.  Every pill that I take is recommended and/or prescribed by one of my health care providers.  My blood pressure pill, my probiotics and then the zillion things my PNP has me taking: Fetzima, Lamictal, L-Methyl Folate, Vitamin D, Fish Oil with DHA and EPA…ummm….B-50, Multivitamin….I feel like I am missing something…But you get the idea.  Is it any wonder I make errors sometimes? It’s a lot of pills!  But they are pills that will make me healthy and safe…so they are a good thing! (Keep that mantra going, Heidi!)

And as to that Robot-Hugs I mentioned…It is a comic about someone being critical about people taking psych meds and then the object lesson response by the med-taker. It’s pretty snarky, but I appreciate some good snark.


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