What Do I Bring Today?


What Do I Bring Today?

And so, I circle a full week to another therapy Monday.  This week is crammed with me-appointments.  Therapy today, psychiatric nurse practitioner tomorrow, then therapy and nutritionist on Thursday. I’ve got things to talk about at each appointment…So, I expect it will be a productive week.

As a matter of fact, I have so many things to talk about, I am not sure what I should talk about in therapy today.  Here are my contenders:

  • Why being around people who are drinking and/or slightly drunk is triggering
  • My pocket talismans
  • My doctor’s response email
  • Sex
  • The stress I am feeling about entering the holiday season
  • I want to ask him how long he has noticed that I dissociate
  • Friendships, both new and dying
  • My thoughts on new medications (in prep for my PNP appointment tomorrow)

I probably could come up with a couple of other things too…But my list already far exceeds what can be thoughtfully discussed in an hour.  A couple of them can be lumped together.  Well…at least it’s better than the days when I go in with no ideas at all.

Plus…I am debating bringing in my Hope Trap.  I do plan on bringing in all of my pocket talismans because I have actually been able to lay my hands on all of them and so I gathered them together…But I have two new ones that I got on my outing with dh on Friday and I really want to show them to the AT since they are AT inspired.  (And I plan on blogging about them soon too!)

I think….the Hope Trap will stay home today as it isn’t quite finished.  I will take it Thursday and it will be done. (That is me committing myself to finishing it by Thursday.)  As part of the trap, I am supposed to make a representation of Hope…that’s what I am stuck on.  I’ve been stuck on that for weeks! I did fiddle with an idea yesterday…but I didn’t like it.  I just have to find the right way to do it….

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