Wobbly and Pottery Class



I’m having a mood wobble…My mood has been really good for pretty much a week now…But yesterday afternoon, I could feel the sadness starting to drift down. I kept myself busy and didn’t indulge it and I had pottery last night, which very much put me in my happy place…But this morning, I can feel the drape of the darkness on my shoulders.  As much as I want to curl up into my protective ball…I won’t and really, I can’t. So….I will try to just push it aside and ignore it.

Pottery Class

Pottery was different last night.  It was an open-studio vs. a class (although truthfully, most classes are open-studio style)  The instructor was there, but just to supervise rather than instruct.  I had a goal of throwing some bowls and had set myself up on the wheel.  Then a couple of other people were interested in throwing bowls and the instructor said, “Heidi is really good on the wheel, she can show you how to do it.” And so…I became wheel instructor for the evening.  Really, I am much more content being a wall-flower and I was feeling uncomfortable being thrust into the “spotlight.”  Plus, I of course would never say I am really good at throwing pots on the wheel, so I was pretty embarrassed.  But, I did my best and had two classmates come throw on the wheel next to me.   I think the hardest part about teaching them is that molding the clay into shape comes very easily/naturally to me and it clearly does not come as naturally to some other people.  One of the women just couldn’t seem to feel the clay and shape it and she just couldn’t make it work.  How do you explain how to feel the clay and how it wants to be worked?  I did try to explain it to her….but she clearly didn’t get it.  I also encouraged her to just play with the clay and not have to have the first item be something…but she was goal oriented.

In the end though, I got my bowls done.  I threw three bowls and a plate.  I had the scrap the first bowl because I pulled the sides out too far and they leaned out and then bent and the bowl collapsed outwards…It was actually kind of pretty…and I joked that I had made a hubcap…But it was not functional, nor was I going to be able to get it off the wheel, so I scraped it off and started over.  My pottery is not perfect, but I love it.  Throwing on the wheel is one of the few places that I allow myself imperfection.  I can certainly improve my skills with more practice and get cleaner looking pottery, but in the end, pottery can never be perfectly perfect.  It just doesn’t work that way.  And I am okay with that.

My next couple of classes will be glazing my bowls. Hopefully, they all survive drying and bisque firing.  My last two items, that I threw a couple of weeks ago, one fared well and the other cracked irreparably when drying.  But if I can get a few nice bowls out of the batch, I will be satisfied.

Did I ever post pictures of those other bowls after I threw them?

This is the bowl (the color is different because I was using my phone camera and took the pics in two different places in the room.)


1104151821 - Copy

And here is my flat bowl that cracked all across the bottom when it was drying.

1104151751 (1) - Copy

I didn’t take pictures of last night’s work…but when I go back in two weeks, I will take pics of them before and after I glaze them.  I am pretty sure the bowls I threw last night will survived drying and bisque firing, but the plate…It was kind of sassing me and the rim edge kept threatening to droop.  I tucked some rolled up paper towel under it to support it while it dries…But we shall see if it cooperates!




3 thoughts on “Wobbly and Pottery Class

    • Yes, I’ll be using food safe glazes and they will be high-fired to withstand frequent use. I am excited to glaze them. I have all sorts of ideas for the glaze colors.

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