This Week Has Arrived


This Week Has Arrived.

I have been pretending and pretending that the holidays were not rapidly approaching.  But here we are.  I don’t think I can ignore it anymore.I do not enjoy the holidays.  And Thanksgiving will be the start the unpleasantness.

My stress is all about my extended family and having to spend time with people that I need space from and that I can barely tolerate being around.  And I find it overwhelmingly stressful and it pretty much ruins the holidays for me.

The holidays is one of the few times a year that I usually end up taking my lorazepam.  However,  I have a smidgen of hope that I am going into the holidays stronger this year…And I have seemed to have developed quite the support system (If only I could ever get myself to use it!) so maybe this year won’t be so bad?  I am just wary because sometimes the family stress at the holidays stirs up so much stuff that I crash and burn.

I am actually kind of still on an even keel. And I had yoga yesterday evening, which was a nice way to center and balance myself before a stressful week.  And then therapy today….So, maybe it won’t all be so bad this year.

A girl can hope, right?


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