I worked myself into a lather yesterday.  Then I had a mini meltdown/anxiety attack (ostensibly about going to the grocery store…but of course, more involved than that) and then I started to relax a little bit.

As to my cleaning frenzy, I now say, “Fuck it.”  Here’s what I will do: swipe down the cobwebs (Sorry, spiders.), vacuum, run a mop over the floor, straighten out the dining room, dust the dog hair off of surfaces and clean the sliding glass door which is covered with dog nose prints and snot.  And…I will be delegating.  It won’t be just me cleaning.  And…I will step back and admire my OCD cleaned kitched cupboards, which today I can sort of chuckle about.

Here’s what I won’t do: Clean until I am exhausted, fuss over the cleaning minutia, cave to the stress about cleaning caused my my MIL, judge my worth by the cleanliness of my house.

Tomorrow will still be stressful no matter what.  I don’t need to make the whole week a nightmare.

But….All that stuff I just said  on the “Here’s what I will do” list?  Totally has minimal importance at the moment.  An issue with my son has popped up and derailed my schedule and agenda for today and that is okay.  Instead of doing pre-Thanksgiving day prep work all day today, I need to take ds to the credit union and then to the police station as he discovered last night that someone got a hold of his debit card number and for the past two weeks has been draining his bank account down to nothing.

I do have my priorities, you know.  And first off is my family.  If the cobwebs end up staying and the dog snot is still on the door tomorrow, we will survive! I have more important things to do today.




2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Oh my worst fear, someone using my cards. So sorry you both have to deal with that.
    My motto on cleaning is clean after people leave, dog snot and all. Hope you do surprise yourself and have some fun tomorrow.

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