Lemme Tell You About The Tic Tacs

I survived Thanksgiving.  Actually, I more than survived.  I got everything done in preparation that I wanted to do (even cobwebs and windows…delegating is so efficient!), my anxiety was okay, and I didn’t need lorazepam.  Not only that, but we had a nice visit with our parents, had good food and everyone behaved themselves. <huge sigh of relief> and by 8:00, the last load of dishes was in the dishwasher, the leaf from the table was taken out and put away, the extra chairs when back to their usual rooms and other than washing the table linens, there were no chores leftover for today.  <another huge sigh of relief>

When I saw the AT on Monday, he asked how I was going to get through Thanksgiving, and I told him, “Lorazepam.”  His response was a wry, “Ah…Better living through chemistry,” which I emphatically agreed with.  Mind you, I get the impression that he thinks there are better ways to deal with the stress than lorazepam….But he didn’t think to pull up the Emotional Geographic and read to me about over-supporting myself during the holidays…And I didn’t have any great ideas, and it seemed too late on Monday to do anything by Thursday, and I usually end up lorazepam-ing on holidays, so…I thought I had the solution at hand.

Anyway, our conversation about family kind of wandered here and there and then the AT said something again about the meds, and I suddenly had this silly idea.  The previous day, I had been in the grocery store and seen the Tic Tacs printed with the candy canes.  And I had this thought that they ought to distribute Holiday Lorazepam with little candy canes printed on them.  I shared my idea with the AT and we both had a chuckle about it, and then we kind of expanded on the idea in an irreverent sort of way, like having a candy dish with Holiday Lorazepam and just doling them out during Thanksgiving to calm everyone down,  and we had a good laugh about it.  After the appointment, every time I thought about the Holiday Lorazepam and Tic Tacs, I giggled.

Later, I told dh about the lorazepam/Tic Tacs and giggled. And that’s when it struck me…I was going to approach Thanksgiving with humor. And it worked!

I bought myself three little boxes of candy cane Tic Tacs and put them in a dish, smack dab in the middle of the dining room table.  And I smiled. And I appreciated the irreverent humor.  And dh saw what I had done, and we both chuckled.

And it worked for me!  Not only that…but at some point, dh, who is right on board with irreverent humor, was kind of annoyed by his mother and he turned to me with a sly grin, and said, “I need a Tic Tac!” and off he went and downed a candy cane Tic Tac.  And I giggled. 🙂

So….maybe the AT’s point was valid…That there are other ways to deal with Thanksgiving stress and anxiety besides lorazepam!  I will say, my lorazepam was at the ready….But I am pleased with the fact that I didn’t have to take any.





1 thought on “Lemme Tell You About The Tic Tacs

  1. That was a really great idea to put them on the table. I literally LOLed when I read that DH said he needed a tic tac. Haha I’m glad that you made it through! Holidays can really suck!!

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