A Male Therapist? and So Much For The Wide Berth


Here’s another one of those journalings I was talking about yesterday…I never turned it into a post because I felt like my mind was kind of just wandering and pondering….

A Male Therapist?


The Art Therapist has commented a couple of times recently that I have put together a really good support team.  And I think I really have.  Half my team, the AT and my Yoga Instructor, I found on my own…though not without reading their bio info and analyzing their pictures carefully (I can usually tell just by a picture if someone is a good fit for me).  The other half of my team, my Psychiatric NP and the Nutritionist were heartily endorsed by my friend, L.  L works in the same office as the Nutritionist and knows my PNP because L is also a PNP.  I think I ought to give L lots of credit for really good recommendations.

Something about my team (maybe I ought to call them “Team Heidi”?) which you may have picked up on already is that the AT is the odd man out…Quite literally.  I think about this sometimes.  It is that whole men-are-scary thing.  What I often wonder is how much of a barrier that is to me trusting him?  And I roll things over in my mind, like would I see a male nutritionist?  Nope.  Would I go to a male yoga instructor? Absolutely not.  Would I see a male PNP?  Possibly….but I would be more guarded with a man.  So where does that put the AT?

Of the therapists in my adult life…The first one was a man.  The second, a woman.  And now I am on to the AT, male therapist #2.  When I was “shopping” for a therapist prior to enrolling with the AT….I did see that there are a few female art therapists in the area, but I didn’t really consider them.  Nor did I really question my choice of a male therapist, since I had done it already.  And let me be clear, I still don’t question my choice, I just wonder how much it inhibits me…

I don’t know…I am kind of rambling.

Today’s Post:

So Much For The Wide Berth

So the new guy was at work yesterday.  I barely ran across him…but he ran across me.  He caught me in the hall and wanted to ask me a question.  He and I are the only two people in the department with our position, which is an assistant position, so he was wondering about what his role is in some particular circumstances.  Mostly he was asking because he had been working in another state and regs are different state to state.  Although I wasn’t thrilled, I did pleasantly answer his questions.  Because even if he is creepy, I will still be kind and respectful….But I sure won’t be trusting.

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