The Bad, The Good & The Awesome

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The Bad

I mentioned in a previous post that therapy was not the only thing that had me stressed this past week.  It is true…It has been one tiring week.

The Big Dog hurt one of the toes on his back foot.  This is his third foot/leg injury that required vet attention since this summer…And his accident prone-ness is kind of stressing me.  As with his other injuries, I have no idea the mechanism of his injury, but found the results.  On this toe injury, he somehow sheared and gouged the tip of one his pads off.  It was incredibly painful for him and he was severely limping for a few days and would whimper in pain.  I did my best to keep it clean, and I soaked it and I put antibiotic cream on it, but after a few days, it looked like it was getting infected, so off to the vet we went.  Sure enough he had developed cellulitis. At this point he is doing much better and the oral antibiotic they gave him is working well.

Not to be outdone, Little Dog developed another case of conjunctivitis. This is her fourth or fifth since this summer. So, I took “double trouble” to the vet together.  She’s on meds too now (again) and has earned herself a referral to the dog opthalmologist.  We are going in a week and a half.  The vet warned me that the consult fee alone is $130 at the “dogthalmologist” (as I like to say).

We used to have a fund set aside for dog health issues, but they are killing it this year.  Between them, in just the past couple of months, we have shelled out about $600….That covers Big Dog and his hock injury that needed staples, the new toe injury and two bouts of conjunctivitis for the little dog. <sigh>  They are certainly worth it…but it still hurts the wallet.

The other big stressor around here is dh.  He has been super stressed at work with a huge project his team has been working on since summer.  The project is supposed to be deployed in a week and as they get closer and closer, he has been working more, having lots of work to do from home, and is generally stressed.  While we are weathering it well, it has been hard.  And he has been pre0ccupied a lot of the time, so I feel like a lot of extra stuff has fallen on me to take care of.

The Good

My Yoga Instructor is the “good” right now (and really, pretty nearly hits The Awesome!).  I have been really impressed with how she has handled the flashback incident.  She told me that she didn’t know much about flashbacks and dissociation, and what has impressed me is that she is making an effort to learn more.  I have incredible respect for this and I was thinking about it after my last yoga session and then I had a thought…I wondered if she would find it helpful to talk to the AT about me and yoga and trauma….So I asked her if she would be interested in talking to him.  Not only did she say yes, but she did so in her usual thoughtful way.  It won’t happen until after the New Year as everybody’s schedule is wonky for the next couple of weeks…but it will happen.

The Awesome

Okay…here’s some Mom-pride.  🙂

I may have at some point mentioned that my kiddo is pretty bright. And he is just gobbling up everything he can at the University.  He is now double majoring and also tacking on a minor (or two).  He has an incredible zeal for learning…And it is fun to see him so engaged.

He got an email from one of his professors last week asking him if next fall, when the class is offered again, would ds consider being a Teaching Assistant for the class.  Ds was just thrilled, and of course, I was super proud too.  The day he got that email was also the day he submitted his term paper.

Yesterday, he got an email from that professor telling ds that not only was his term paper excellent, but that ds should submit a proposal to present his paper at the Classical Association of New England’s annual meeting/conference in March.  Not only that, but the submission date has passed, but his professor emailed the association and they are willing to accept ds’ proposal even if it is three weeks late!

Yup….Totally awesome.  And dh and I are just bursting with pride!

I don’t even care if his proposal gets accepted or not, it is just really nice to see someone recognize and value his work.  And if his proposal does get accepted….Well….That would be awesome too!



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