Detour #2

Detour #2

No mandala today, I am too tired and I don’t really have a mandala in me.

Yesterday was supposed to be a normal work day….But right when I left for work my tachycardia kicked in again. I went to work anyway expecting that it would settle on its own…But it didn’t.  One hour went by, two, then three and four…And I was feeling tired and starting to feel kind of weak and I could tell that my heart rate was really booking it…So, I asked one of the nurses to do a manual blood pressure (I don’t trust those machines) and check my heart rate.  Let’s just say…..things were crazy high…at that point my heart rate had spiked to 180 (had been running 120-145 most of the morning) and my blood pressure was 180/100…I have never had BP that high!  And I wasn’t feeling particularly anxious (i.e. not an anxiety attack.)

The nurse told me that I was not allowed out of the chair that I was sitting in and that I needed to go right to the ER.  So….I got to go in an ambulance to the ER.  And….more bloodwork, more EKGs, more IV fluids and….Still nothing conclusive.  I won’t complain too much as they ruled out cardiac stuff (for the moment anyway) which is a relief.  But still…What is going on?

This ER doctor was better. He listened to me and he didn’t try to give me lorazepam.  I like doctors who actually make eye contact with me and listen to what I am saying.

So…I am supposed to be getting a call from Cardiology today and be set up for a Holter monitor (you wear it for a day or two and it records your heart function) and then…We’ll see. Hopefully, this will all get straightened out soon…I am out of veins for IVs and I am kind done with the whole ER thing.

My PNP has been great…She has been available and trying to trouble shoot this from the psych med angle as well as medical possibilities…I really, really appreciate her support. I hate taking up peoples’ weekend/vacation time and she hasn’t seemed put out at all.

The only downfall about the whole thing is that work is a huge gossip mill.  So, being taken out by EMTs on a stretcher in front of multiple colleagues and patients and family of patients and the social worker….I will be the talk of the town for days.  Plus, I had to spill my med list and other personal info (anxiety/depression) to the EMTs and I know that a couple of people overheard.  <sigh>  Not much I can do about it…an emergency is an emergency…Hopefully, people will remember that HIPPA applies to co-workers too! (They won’t…but I can fantasize.)

And lastly…When it was time to leave the ER and I was peeling off the EKG stickers…and finding more and more and more and more….I collected them all and stuffed them in my pocket so I could bring them home and count them (because I like to know these things). Between the stickers from the ambulance and the ones in the ER, I had 17.  Craziness!


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