Seriously? Detour #3? and Welcome, Winter Driving

Seriously? Detour #3?


Been there. Done that.  More tachycardia. A couple of new symptoms. Another ambulance trip.  Another vein poked. Another round of blood work.  Another “all your blood work is normal.”

But…this time, they sent me home with the Holter monitor.  Hopefully, they will be able to capture some data that will be helpful. And evidently, it is a near miracle that they actually got someone to come down from Cardiology all the way to the ER <cough> to put the Holter monitor on me. But since I was already there…And this was round three…They made it happen.

Three ER trips in six days and two ambulance trips in two days.  My insurance company is going to hate me.  And it is times like this that I am very grateful that we have good health insurance!!

Anyway…I follow-up with my doctor’s office on Weds.  My physician is not available, so I have to see a different one…I hate different.  But you already knew that….At least I picked one that I know that my friend L really respects.  And I think I have seen him once or twice before.  But <insert whine here> I want to see my own doctor!!

So, I have been resting at home and watching original series Star Trek with the family.  Not much else going one.

And my goal for today?  Stay out of the ER!!!!

Welcome, Winter Driving

We got snow last night (4 inches maybe?).  And now it is sleeting like crazy.  So begins the winter driving season…I have to go into the City for my PNP appointment.  It’s not that I am not used to winter driving, but it will be yucky icy today.  And I’d rather be curled up on the couch listening to is sleet rather than driving in it.

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