I don’t know what happened last night…but sleep was not really in the cards for me.  This is pretty unusual.  I rarely have difficulty falling asleep and when insomnia hits me, it is in the early morning so at least I have usually gotten a chunk of sleep to work with.

Last night?  I couldn’t fall asleep…Maybe around 10 I finally fell asleep. (This is really late for me, I like to be in bed around 8-8:30 and usually fall right asleep.)

And then dh’s pager went off at 2.  I hadn’t been sleeping great between 10 and 2, but at 2, that was it.  I tried and tried to fall back asleep, but after an hour and a half, I realized it was not going to happen so I got up.  I tried to lay down on the couch to fall asleep, but again no go.  So, I did the dishes and wiped down the counters and did a general kitchen tidy.

At about 4:20, I tried sleeping again…but it still wasn’t happening.  Partly, it was clear to my that my PTSD had been triggered because every little unexpected sound had me jumping out of my skin.  Hmmm…..I wonder what I was dreaming before I woke up at 2…..

Anyway, so I am so tired it pretty much hurts.  I have to make it through Art Therapy at 8 and my Nutritionist appointment at 12:30 and then I can crash and nap.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I feel severely irritable…I will have to try to be extra patient with dh this morning…And maybe even the AT depending on if I have woken up more by the time I see him.

This sleep problem is compounded by the fact that Saturday night I did not sleep well either…and that was totally a PTSD/hypervigilance/hyperstartling issue.  I hate these PTSD exacerbations…they are sooo disruptive.




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