Thursday. Thursday.

Thursday. Thursday.

What do you suppose Art Therapy has in store for me today?  I have been working on my homework assignment since Monday and it is done and ready for me to share with the AT.  The assignment was based on me saying that my eating (or lack of) is about control…And specifically controlling feelings.  The AT asked what would happen if I didn’t have that control and I said that everything would fall apart.  So, he asked for me to illustrate that….What would falling apart look like?

I came up with this….Spinning out of control.


And a close up of the center.


The other thing for AT today is that I am taking in my nutrition goals for this week.  I expect he will ask me more of those kinds of questions that make me squirm.   But since we finally have the topic on the table, I will suck it up and do my best…Even if I do squirm a bit.

2 thoughts on “Thursday. Thursday.

  1. There’s something quite beautiful in your version of falling apart. Maybe it’s more a deconstruction of self than total annihilation?

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