Sleep? and Pottery


Sleep has become torturously elusive to me.  I have not slept well for three weeks now, and I think it is starting to get to me.  It’s 3:20 right now, I have been awake since 2.  I tried and tried to fall back asleep, but it was just not happening.  So, here I am, exhausted nearly to the point of tears, irritable and blogging. <sigh> It is going to be a really long day as I have Art Therapy, then a dentist appointment and then a Nutritionist appointment.  And each appointment is worse than the former.  The dentist is not my favorite thing…though I really like my dentist, so that makes it somewhat better.  The Nutritionist…I dread going.  I haven’t met my goal for this week, so it will be another half hour of shame and self-blame and feeling like a failure.  Fun stuff. 😦


But in the real world of Fun Stuff, I started my pottery class again last week.  Yesterday was the second class and I spent the whole time on the wheel.




That third bowl, it wants a lid.  I haven’t done a lid before, so my pottery instructor explained how to do it.  I started the lid and it was too big, so I cut it down and then was re-shaping it on the wheel….but it flopped.  Quite literally.  I got the clay too thin and wet and the lid collapsed outward in an irreparable way.  Unfortunately, it did that at the end of class, so I will have to wait until next week to try again.

Last week, I made a bunch of small tiles/plaques for the Solstice Cave.  They were in the kiln yesterday for their bisque fire, so I don’t have any pictures to share.  I might glaze them next week, depending on how long it takes me to throw the lid for the bowl.  I ought to have plenty of time to do both!

And lesson learned last night…Probably not a good idea to wear the jeans that you plan on wearing Thursday to your Wednesday evening pottery class.


Thank goodness for the “Quick Wash” cycle on the washing machine.  🙂  My pants have been restored to socially acceptable cleanliness. (As has my shirt and fleece…wheel throwing is a messy business!)

Okay, I am going to lay down on the couch for a few minutes.  Maybe I can get just a little bit more sleep?




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