Good Things, Good Day

Good Things, Good Day

So, I finished the stealth project yesterday. I am very pleased with the way it came out and it isn’t even perfect! Shocking, I know!  I will post pictures tomorrow as I am delivering it today.

See this little bundle of baby?  (She wished to remain anonymous, so we will just admire her sweet baby hair.) This baby bundle is making my friend SS very happy.


SS has been waiting two years for “The Call,” the call being when you hear from your adoption agency that there is a baby waiting for you. And last week, they finally got The Call!  I am sooo happy for them.  And just think, Miss Pixie will be a big sister now!

This morning, I am going over to her house to give her a hand prepping for the new baby’s homecoming.  She has lots to organize and unpack and a crib to set up again.  I can’t wait to go because I can’t wait to see my friend beaming with happiness.  🙂

And maybe now, you have figured out who I made the stealth project for. 😉

After I help out SS for a while, I will come back to the Snowy Hinterlands for yoga.  It has been two weeks…Maybe even two and half weeks since my last yoga.  I have missed my instructor and I have missed my yoga.

I think today will be a good day.  I am looking forward to it!

Oh…And yesterday, I also started working on my Art Therapy homework.  I am making a sort of “map” for the AT of everyone on Team Heidi.  None of them actually know each other, even though they are in contact with each other.  This will be a way of showing the team and explaining how I relate to them/what their role is.  I will post pictures of that too when it is done.

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