Or Not (Good Things, Good Day)

I am feeling grumpy.  My big plans for the day may well be thwarted.  I woke up with tachycardia/palpitations and very shaky/fumbly hands.  This does not bode well for going to SS’s and helping her out.  I would be happy to just ignore the tachycardia, but prudence will prevail on that, so I am going to stay home unless the tach settles down.  However, the clumsy hands would make me a useless helper anyway. I don’t know if they will start cooperating more when the tach settles, I have been having challenges with my fine motor skills for the past couple of weeks.

I am disappointed and mad at my stupid body.  Of course, it is my own fault…since my doctor says that the cardiac issues are because of the minimal eating and the Nutritionist said the fine motor impairment likely has the same cause.



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