I just don’t have much to say today.  I feel empty inside, hollow…Like my outside is a crumbling shell and I am imploding because there is nothing on the inside to give body to the shell.

I feel depressed…Sad, isolated, alone, unmotivated, flat.

Those feelings careen around in the hollowness, bouncing off the shell, overlapping, tangling, ricocheting…becoming an unbearable dissonance.

I don’t even want to bother with slipping on an “I’m okay.” facade to day.  I just want to fade away into nothingness and not feel anything anymore.




5 thoughts on “Hollow

  1. Your artwork is beautiful! You are beautiful!!!! I had to read all the way back to where you posted the wedding picture of you and your husband to make sure this was still the Heidi I knew before! So much seems to have changed in both of our lives over the past few years! Want to do a little knit a long with me this weekend or next? I still have the little mitten you sent me for my Christmas tree so many years ago! Makes me smile every year! 🙂

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