Art Therapy and Knitting

Art Therapy and Knitting

Art Therapy

I took the soaker to Art Therapy to show the AT.  I don’t know why I like to do that…For instance, I took him a bowl last fall and a tile last week from pottery class.  I guess, I like to share with him things that I create that make me happy…That I am proud of.

He admired my knitting…the quality of my knitting and seemed surprised that having been on such a long knitting hiatus I was able to get right back to it.  I realize writing this that I bet that was a compliment and I should have said “Thank you.” Oops!  Sometimes, I hear things as observations…Not compliments, I guess something can be both.

Then we talked about those horrible pictures I drew.  And I was half-present and half-dissociated most of the time, and a bit more dissociated part of the time.  The AT said some things that I am still processing…And things that I only heard part of and want to have him explain to me again.  So, for the moment, I am not ready to process it all on my blog.

Which brings me back to the knitting.

The AT said that knitting is very good for trauma, which I would agree with.  His reasoning was more neurological, left brain/right brain.  My reasoning is that the repetition becomes meditative and soothing.  Both are accurate.


So…this whole knitting thing.  I think something changed for me when I knit SS’s baby’s soaker (I will need to come up with a pseudonym for the baby!) I feel like, my knitter’s block is lifted and I can knit again.  This is an amazing and powerful thing. For years, knitting was a grounding force in my life…I always had a bag with a knitting project with me.  Everywhere I went, I was prepared to knit.  And I am ready to knit again! Yesterday, I even got a few skeins of yarn to get me going (My supply had dwindled down to just wool…Which is terrific, but not so great for the baby sweaters/blankets I want to knit.  Wool isn’t practical for babies, imho.)

I worry that I have become one dimensional. Especially if you view me from the perspective of my blog.  I am more than depression/PTSD/anxiety/disordered eating.  Sometimes, even I forget that…Or get so lost in all the mental illness stuff that I can’t see that I am more than that.  Because I am more than that!  Did you know I have a fantastic and wry sense of humor?  Or that I bake a mean yeast bread? Or that I have indoor gardens from which I grow salad veggies during the winter? Or that I adore my chickens? Or that I want to hike the mountain this summer?  Or that I am itching to make a new quilt as all the ones I made ages ago are wearing out?  Maybe…maybe some of those things have slid into the blog…But I bet not many.

I have a plan.  Since knitting is so very important to me and don’t want to be trapped into being one dimensional, I am going to divide my blog posts.  There’s going to be the mental health stuff and then there will be knitting stuff.  They may even seem incongruent on particular days…But heck…That’s my life!  And the knitting part of the blog will be photo heavy.  Because there is nothing I like more than sharing my progress with my projects.  I even have some pictures for today. 🙂



The spoils of yesterday’s yarn shopping trip!  The first yarn is just yummy and delicious.  It screams “Baby sweater” to me.  The next few skeins are ultrasoft and snugglable.   It is going to be a baby blanket for a certain yet-to-be-born baby.  The next skein is just yummily beautiful again…It also will be a baby sweater or two or maybe a baby blanket? I haven’t decided yet!

I will likely knit a sweater and the blanket concurrently.  As a matter of fact, I am so lin love with the green yarn that I already started a kimono baby sweater.


And I have a baby blanket KAL (knit-along) with a friend coming up…<contented sigh>  This kind of stuff…This is what the “old me” used to do and enjoy. I really hope I can pull that into the “new me.” (I am not the “new me” yet…but I am working on it!)

Oh…And one last thing…In the interest of time, I pulled out some fleece scraps and I whipped together two fleece soakers for the needs-a-pseudonym baby. Talk about a quick and easy project!


1 thought on “Art Therapy and Knitting

  1. You are inspiring me to post more ya know!!! LOL This morning I was thinking of posting pictures of two or three skeins of yarn from my latest yarn haul slip (I’m on a yarn diet ya see. I can only get yarn if I don’t have the same in my stash, or if I have a coupon for it. It doesn’t really work too well, But I am getting better at not having tons of yarn sitting around waiting :-P) I thought it wouldn’t be interesting enough of a post though, but now, seeing your yarn… I might just do a post about mine. Can’t wait to see how the Kimono turns out!

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