How Few Is Too Few? and Knitting

How Few Is Too Few?

Some days my body complains a bit about the eating.  I suppose it’s possible that my recent calorie reduction has pushed my body a bit too far.  And I suppose losing just shy of 4lbs since Thursday might be a bit aggressive…At least, so says my body.

I am hoping after breakfast (which I will eat at about 6) I will feel a bit less shaky, tachycardic and weak and a bit more perky.  I am a little bit worried about that long flight of stairs at the AT’s office, at the moment, it seems like a mountain.  But again, I haven’t had breakfast yet, or my B vitamins and I haven’t kicked myself into high gear…Ummm….of course, I am not sure I have a high gear this morning.  <sigh>

This sucks. Everything about it sucks.  My body, my mind, my justifications, my skewed thinking, my denial….It is all a bit too much.

Okay….Next topic. (this is gonna be a short and sweet blog today…I have no energy for thinking or typing.)


The green kimono sweater is finished. Buttons are on!  I did some 2 stitch I-cord and made loops to go over the buttons to fasten the sweater.  It is an experiment, as I am worried a wiggling baby might wiggle the loops off the buttons, but it’s worth a shot, right?


And I have started my second blanket square and I have started a new sweater. However, I am not in love with the new sweater pattern…I am trying to decide if I will just frog it (rip it all out, “rip-it, rip-it”) and start over.

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