You know those kinds of days where you just end up overwhelmed and fried? Yup.  That was my Monday.

Art Therapy:  Draining. Just kind of wrung every bit of energy out of me.  I was spent.

Case Manager: I tried verify if The Facility had contacted my insurance yet.  They had not.

Morning attempt to communicate with treatment Facility: Frustrating and non-productive. I spewed a text to my PNP (who has been helping me with this process) and promptly burst into tears.

PNP: Was proactive with The Facility and got them to start moving a bit and so the facility emailed some paperwork including the stuff my doctor needed to do. She sent this to my doctor a little past noon.

Doctor: I had a call back from the nurse at about 12:45 scheduling me to come in at 4:20 for my pre-admission physical.  My doctor is going to be away for the next week, so she wanted to get it done ASAP.  I really appreciated this as she has been the one working with me, it made sense for her to do the physical.

Nutritionist: Not too awful an appointment yesterday.  She is very excited that I am going to The Facility and says it has a fantastic reputation.  She has had a couple of folks go there for treatment and they got better!

Facility Intake Coordinator: Called me.  Had verified insurance, set me up with an assessment interview on Thursday (1 ½ to 2 hour phone interview!).  I felt relieved that finally something was happening.

Case Manager: Emailed to say that The Facility had confirmed my insurance.  Wanted to know about the authorization as it hadn’t been requested yet.

Doctor: Did the physical. Talked to me.  Very happy I am going for treatment and very happy with The Facility because it has such a fantastic reputation.

Nurse: I really like this nurse and he is even a man! (Yay for some trust with men!) But he did the most painful blood draw I have had in a very long time and I literally almost passed out. I am actually not kidding…It was really, really bad.

I spent allll flippin’ day on this stuff.  Was at the AT’s at 8. Left the doctor’s office at 5:20.  <phew>  And in between, I was managing emails and scheduling (had to move my Thurs AT appointment so I could have my assessment interview) and then got home and had to do some more emails….Confirmed new appointment time with AT.  Emailed Yoga Instructor that I am on hiatus and about going to The Facility. Emailed Case Manager with update.

Meanwhile, I was trying to keep dh updated via IM and email as he had an evening engagement and with my late doctor’s appointment, we didn’t actually see each other alllll day. I kissed him at 7 when I left for therapy and he didn’t get home and climb into bed until 10.

Soooo…What a crazy day.  By bedtime, I was just so emotionally spent that I pretty much collapsed.

However, I feel better now that things are moving along.  The anxiety I was feeling about the process has subsided quite a bit.

And…I have had this worry that I won’t qualify for treatment.  I asked my Nutritionist about it. It was almost comical!  I asked if I would qualify and she got this look of total shock on her face, as in why would I even be asking? Of course I qualify.  I knew before she even spoke that she was going to confirm it.  And honestly, that eased my anxiety a lot too.

So…Now I can wait, with less anxiety, for my assessment on Thursday.  In the meantime, I will work through my loose-ends list and cut myself a little bit of slack. Plus, I need to do some data gathering for the interview…Nothing too big, but I just want to write down things , for example, they want to know every surgery/hospitalization I have had in my life and when.

The Art Therapist keeps saying that this is all going to be okay.  At the moment, I am inclined to believe him.


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