Blood Again and Medical Family and It’s The Little Things That Scare Me and And Lastly…A Pregnancy Test, Really?!

Blood Again!

So…I mentioned that blood draw Monday where I nearly passed out.  Like, I had to lay down and was barely able to stay conscious even with some sternal rubbing and the nurse asking over and over if I was still with him….

Yeah…well…they messed up the labels on the vials, so I had to go back.  I was not a happy camper.  But….I am a smart camper.  I have been going to all my appointments by myself, not really needing any support.  Yesterday, I called dh and told him I needed him to go with me.  So, he came home and went with me.

Did I survive? Yup.  Did dh’s hand-holding help? Yup.  I know I don’t talk too much about dh, but he is my rock.  I don’t know where I would be without his support through all of this.  He listens, he coaches, he supports, and when it comes down to the nitty gritty, he will hold my hand to keep me from passing out! ❤

My Medical Family

As I said, dh doesn’t usually go with me to my appointments.  I have told him about how happy I have been with the “service” at my doctor’s office….Well, yesterday he got to see it in person.  The gals behind the check-in desk all know me by name. One of them seems to have taken a particular liking to me and is always super friendly.  When I had my ER visits, she was really worried about me.  When I am checking in, sometimes she slides her window open to be my check-in person.  The other gal is also really friendly and kind…At this point, they both know my co-pays without looking them up, don’t bother to verify my contact info/insurance (really…It’s not gonna change in a week!) and just are really kind in general.

The male nurse came out and chatted with me about the bloodwork and was kind.  L popped into the lobby to get a client and gave me a wave….It’s kind of a home away from home.  Now….I know it isn’t great that I am there so often that they know me that well…But then again, since I do have to go there a lot, I am glad to interact with friendly people. It makes me feel safe and I am not ever anxious about going. And of course, no one ever judges me there….It is all good.

Anyway, dh got to see it all yesterday.  At least he knows that when I am there, I am in good hands!

And as to me being in the frequent flier club?  By the end of the week, I will have gone to the doctor’s office three times! Two appointments Monday, the blood draw yesterday and to have my TB test read on Thursday.  Sometimes, I think I should just take a sleeping bag and sleep in the waiting room!

It’s The Little Things That Scare Me

So…I have a variety of symptoms that are caused by my lack of calories.  Many of them, I just ignore or adapt to.  For instance, a week ago, I had to stop walking the dogs…I just can’t do it, I don’t have the energy, I feel light-headed, my heart pounds (in a not healthy way).  So I adapted. I am freezing all the time, so I triple layer with the last layer being a fleece or warm sweater…I adapt.  But some things…I can’t compensate for.  In the past couple of days, the TV remote has become a baffling puzzle to me.  You know, the remote thingy that I have used a million billion times….My brain can’t quite do it.  That is the kind of thing that scares me.  The cognitive symptoms have been going on for a while, but they are getting worse and I can see it.  And being baffled by the remote…well…that just kind of scares me. It’s just a stupid remote! How hard can it be!!!

It is a good thing that I am getting intensive treatment soon…I don’t know how much longer my body can take this.

And Lastly…A Pregnancy Test, Really?!

<insert eye roll>

Okay…I know I am fussy and I have tolerated the full drug screen on my urine for The Facility.  Since I do not do drugs, never have, never will….I find the drug screen an insulting waste of time, energy and money.  And the assumption that I am lying about drug use is frustrating.  I know that some people lie, but I don’t.

But…When I was reviewing my blood work this morning…I noticed that they did a pregnancy test.  I find this ultra-annoying.  No, I am not pregnant. I don’t plan on becoming pregnant and…..then there is the whole vasectomy thing!  Yup, the likelihood of my getting pregnant is pretty much nil.  And really, if I am getting down to brass tacks, you probably have to have sex to get pregnant…And since that almost never happens…Let’s just say, I think I’ve got it covered in multiple ways. There will be no babies here!

I suppose I shouldn’t feel annoyed about these things, because I will be suffering through many more indignities at The Facility…Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Blood Again and Medical Family and It’s The Little Things That Scare Me and And Lastly…A Pregnancy Test, Really?!

  1. A pregnancy test is probably given to anyone with a uterus that hasn’t entered menopause. Some medications that might be needed as an in-patient could not be given safely to a pregnant woman.
    You are accomplishing so much! I must admit concern too over your shortness of breath and loss of cognitive functions.

  2. Heh! They gave two pregnancy tests to me over the past year, and I am in menopause. “Gotta rule out all the options” they say. More like gotta get as much $$$ out of you as possible, I say!

    So good to hear your dh went with you for the second blood draw! If that first one had happened to me I would definitely be having some one drive me to the next one!

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