The Facility Assessment

The Facility Assessment

So, I survived the interview.  She really asked me questions for 90 minutes straight. <phew> And some of them were hard.  There’s nothing I like more than spilling all my secrets to someone I don’t know.  Ugh.

But…I survived.

The verdict?  She recommended the residential level of care for me.

And I finally got the patient info packet.  This facility is less restrictive than others I had looked at. I am pleased as it will feel less like prison.  It looks like I can have laces in my shoes and drawstrings in my pants.  And I can bring an e-reader (as long as it doesn’t take photos…Hello, old Kindle, you’ll be coming with me!) which means cords must be allowed as I’ll have to plug it in.

And…best of all?? Can you guess?  I can bring plastic knitting needles.  The warrants an official “Squeeee!!!!” of delight.  And my knitting needles that I love are plastic.  Between the Kindle and the knitting needles, I may just survive this!

And I can bring colored pencils and a notebook/journal, so I can draw and write.

Of course, I can’t have a cell phone and…I don’t know how to tell you this….But laptops aren’t allowed.  No laptop=No blog.

No blog?!

Of course, the phone call sent me into another whole round of anxiety about finances…But hey, what would life be without worrying about money, right?

Still no admission date, but I should be getting that soon.  I am still thinking it will be sometime next week.  I know the admissions gal from the facility is calling me again today, I just can’t remember if she said she would be giving me the admission date then.

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