Nights and Today


The past several nights have been rough.  I am not sleeping well.  I either wake up at about 2 and lay awake for an hour and a half or I just sleep fitfully, waking up over and over again, giving me totally disrupted sleep. Both ways, I wake up purely exhausted.  Of course, I know it is stress.

Last night, I did have an interesting dream.  I dreamed that ds was a baby.  Dh and ds and I were going to a Sunday service at the Unitarian Universalist meeting house.  We were late for the service, but were able to go in and find seats (on the floor, I don’t think there were any chairs.)  Eventually, ds started crying so I started nursing him.  Nursing him in my dream was nearly a tangible experience….It was so real feeling.  I woke up from that dream feeling content.  Breast feeding is something I loved and so dreaming about it brought back lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

Of course, the rest of my night was fitful sleep, followed by a too-early wake up at around 4.  The early morning wake up has been part of my not-sleeping-well pattern.  It is classic Heidi insomnia to wake up too early.


Today I have Art Therapy first thing in the morning and then I am expecting phone calls.  The admissions coordinator from The Facility is supposed to call me, as is my insurance case manager. Hopefully, they will have some news for me about insurance and an admission date.  Right now, I am just in a biding-my-time waiting game.

1 thought on “Nights and Today

  1. There is a supplement that we get at our health food store called Calm. It’s a calcium magnesium powder that you make into a drink before bedtime and it works really really well when I have nights like that! Lately I’ve been having more nights like that then not, but it’s good to get at least a couple of nights rest a week, rather than just tossing and turning.

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