I am all packed. The rental car is going to be picked up at 7:30.  The hotel is reserved for tonight.  Approximately 7 hours of driving and we will be in the same cit as The Facility.

After the whirlwind of phone calls, appointments and anxiety, I got an admission date for tomorrow.  And thus will begin my journey into recovery.

Yup, I am scared witless.  And relieved.  And anxious.  It will be a long 24 hours…I just want to get there and be done with the waiting.

At therapy yesterday, the AT reminded me that he is with me for the long haul.  It is what I needed to hear.  When I get back from The Facility, I will be able to slide right back into my therapy routine.  I take a lot of comfort in that.

So, this is my last blog for a while.  I will be totally unplugged during my time at The Facility.  Thanks for all your support and I will be back online as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “Going

  1. You probably won’t see this until you’re out, but much Love and good wishes for you while you’re in there! ❤

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