So, I completely forgot to blog yesterday! I am not quite sure how it happened, I guess I was just in a rush to get out the door and I was working on a little art project and…and…and….There was no blog!

Today doesn’t bode much better.  Yes, there is a blog, but I just don’t have anything really worth saying.  I would review yesterday, which had ups and downs, but at the moment, I am just too depressed to give the “up” part of yesterday a description that it deserves and I don’t have the energy/care enough about the “down” parts of yesterday to bother to write about them.

I guess it’s just gonna be one of those days.  However, I do have my PNP and AT today, so at least I shouldn’t get too mired in my misery.

Ugh…I hate days (weeks/months/years) like this.

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